Reliabe and powerful flashlight is a must have upgrade for any home defense shotgun. You must identify a target before you shoot.

Elzetta is well known manufacturer of flashlights and flashlight mounts for shotguns and rifles. This is review of Elzetta tactical flashlight and shotgun mount.

Elzetta Tactical Flashlight and Mount
Elzetta Tactical Flashlight and Mount

ZSM Elzetta Tactical Shotgun Mount

ZSM Elzetta Tactical Shotgun Mount can be mounted on Remington and Mossberg shotguns thanks to spacers. Mount is made of plastic which means that it may be not as sturdy as metal mounts but it won’t scratch barrel and magazine extension.

The mount is low profile and light-weight. But it is not as low profile as CDM Gear clamp.

Installation is very easy and simple, the mount attaches to the barrel and magazine tube. You can attach flashlight to your flashlight in just 5 minutes.

Flashlight mount reliably holds flashlight in place under recoil. I have tested it using many different types of rounds including buckshot and slugs.

Elzetta Tactical Flashlight Mount for Remington 870
Elzetta Tactical Flashlight Mount for Remington 870

ZSM Elzetta Tactical Flashlight

The flashlight is powerful (235-Lumen) and reliable. ZSM Elzetta Tactical Flashlight is made of metal, it sturdy and waterproof:

Waterproof ZSM Elzetta Tactical Flashlight
Waterproof ZSM Elzetta Tactical Flashlight

You can choose 2-battery or 3-battery version, different lenses, heads (low profile, crenellated), tailcaps (strobe, rotary etc.) and even with custom laser engraving.

Flood Lens makes beam very wide which is important for home defense.

Elzetta tactical flashlight and mount withstand heavy 12 gauge recoil. Tested on birdshot, buckshot and slugs. Elzetta flashlight and mount are very good choice for tactical shotgun.

Elzetta mount with Elzetta tactical flashlight (especially with flood lens) is highly recommended for home defense use.

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Elzetta ZSM Flashlight Mount
Elzetta ZSM Flashlight Mount
You can get Elzetta ZSM Flashlight Mount on Brownells

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  1. Charles

    You missed the Elzetta’s ability to release your flashlight with the turn of a thumbscrew !
    This is one of my favorite aspects of my Elzetta mounts (AR15 & pump shotgun versions)

    1. If I recall correctly, the Elzetta shotgun flashlight clamp is offered in two versions, a less-expensive one without the thumbscrew feature, and a more expensive one with thumbscrews. I think the mount in these pictures is the non-thumbscrew model.

      1. Yes, correct. I have a thumbscrew, but don’t use it beacuse I don’t need that feature. That is why I’ve forgotten to mention it.

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