One of the simplest ways to improve your shotgun’s performance is to change a standard MIM (Metal injection molded) extractor with non-MIM (solid steel) extractor. Steel extractors are used on the Remington 870 Police shotguns because they are more durable and allow heavy use of a shotgun.

An extractor is a part found in most firearms. It removes the spent cases from the ammunition that gets fired after you pull the trigger. With Remington 870/1100 extractors, you can use a non-MIM or a MIM extractor for the shotgun. MIM stands for metal injection molding. Newer Remington 870/1100 shotguns use MIM extractor. But the good news is that you can replace the MIM extractor with a Non-MIM extractor.

Remington 870 Standard Extractor
Remington 870 Extractor

Non-MIM extractor, which is commonly referred to as a “machined extractor,” is an upgrade for the Remington 870/1100 that many gun owners are more comfortable with. The Non-MIM is known for insuring that fired shells get extracted properly and without any problems. A big complaint people make about the MIM extractor is that it breaks too easily and that it is unreliable.

For anyone who owns a Remington 870, it won’t cost a lot of money to replace the MIM extractor if it breaks off. The non-MIM extractor is very inexpensive and easily to install as an upgrade for your weapon. It will also make the extraction of fired shells much more reliable in your weapon than it did with the MIM extractor.

If you look at the police version of the Remington 870 shotguns these days, they all have non-MIM extractors in them because of their reliability. For all gun owners who still have a MIM extractor in their Remington 870 and find it unreliable, it will only cost you around $15 to replace the MIM with a non-MIM. This is one of the best and most cost effective investments you can make in preserving the quality and reliability of your Remington 870.

Non-MIM or Machined Extractor

Machined extractor is one of the must-have upgrades for your Remington 870/1100. It insures reliable extraction of fired shells. Police version of the Remington 870 utilizes non-MIM extractor too because it is more reliable.

If your Remington 870/1100 has problems with extraction – changing extractor is the first procedure you need to do. This upgrade is not for looks it is for reliability. Better non-MIM extractor costs just $14.99 but improves your shotgun dramatically.

Non-MIM extractor is my first recommendation to Remington 870 owners which starts upgrading their shotguns. Most shooters spend hundreds of dollars on tacticool upgrades but rarely upgrade inner parts. This is one of the cheapest but the most important upgrades you can make to Remington 870 shotgun

Difference Between MIM and Non-MIM Extractors for Remington 870

Here are two photos showing differences between MIM and non-MiM Extractor:

Remington 870 Extractors: MIM and non-MIM
Remington 870 Extractors: MIM and non-MIM
Remington 870 Extractors: MIM and non-MIM
Remington 870 Extractors: MIM and non-MIM

Non-MIM, solid steel extractor is better than MIM extractor. Solid steel is more wearproof than stamped metal. When extractor hook begins to round off, you can have problems with extraction of fired shells.

Remington 870 Extractor Replacement

First of all, make sure that your shotgun is unloaded. Check both magazine tube and chamber, check visually and by touch.

1. Disassemble your Remington 870/1100 shotgun and take out breech Bolt:

Remington 870 Breech Bolt
Remington 870 Breech Bolt

2. Put a flat head screwdriver between a plunger and the extractor.

Screwdriver Between Plunger and Extractor
Screwdriver Between Plunger and Extractor

3. Pull the extractor plunger back to depress the spring which is located behind it.

Pull the extractor plunger back to depress the spring
Pull the extractor plunger back to depress the spring

4. Then lift the extractor out rotating it.

Then lift the extractor out rotating it.
Then lift the extractor out rotating it.

5. Take the new non-MIM extractor and push it rotating in until it snaps in place with click.

I have created following video to show you how to change the extractor on a Remington 870:
When you fire a Remington 870/1100, or any other type of shotgun, you will see the shells fall out of the chamber onto the ground. The part of the shotgun that removes shell after it is fired is called the extractor. Once you cycle the action of the gun, the shell is removed from the firing chamber. It is important to have a durable extractor if you use your shotgun a lot. Most Remington 870/1100 shotgun models come with a metal injection molded extractor which is good for standard use only. But if you are someone who goes shooting a lot then you will want a solid steel extractor in your shotgun instead. These extractors are typically found in Remington 870 Police models since law enforcement officials tend to shoot shotguns more often than civilians. However, this doesn’t mean you can’t install a solid steel extractor into your Remington 870 to make it more reliable.

To replace your existing extractor, first, make sure your Remington 870/1100 is not loaded with any ammunition. Double check the chamber and magazine tube to ensure that there is no ammunition. After that, disassemble the shotgun and take out the bolt. Take a flat headed screwdriver and put it between the extractor and the plunger. Pull the extractor back with the screwdriver until the spring behind it is depressed. Now you can lift out the extractor by rotating it until it comes out. Now take your new steel extractor and push it in by rotating it until you hear the extractor snap into place. At this point, you can reassemble the rest of the shotgun by reversing the process you just went through.

Video: Changing Remington 870/1100 Extractor (MIM or Non-MIM):

Solid steel extractors can be purchased at most gun stores for about $25. You might see them advertised as non-MIM, or non-metal injection molded. This just indicates that it is not the standard metal injection molded extractor that usually comes with the Remington 870/1100. But just to be safe, ensure that the extractor you purchase is in fact solid steel because this is the best extractor you can get. After you have installed the extractor, you should go test your shotgun at some targets in order to see how well the shells get extracted. If you don’t notice any problems then you have successfully upgraded your shotgun with the new extractor. But if you do notice problems, then disassemble it again and check to make sure all of the parts were put back correctly.

Recommended Product:
Remington 870 Non-MIM Extractor
Remington 870 Non-MIM Extractor
Get Remington 870 Non-MIM Extractor on Brownells

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  1. Why is it that when asked if the Brownells extractor is better than the original extractor by Remington; the Brownells staff reviewer says their extractor is no better than Remington’s original extractor?

    1. Non-MIM, solid steel extractor is better than MIM extractor. Solid steel is more wearproof than stamped metal. When extractor hook begins to round off, you can have problems with extraction of fired shells.

      Remington 870 Express comes with MIM extractor.

  2. The mim or metal injection molded extractor is a cheaper more efficient way to crank out shotguns. Unfortunately, they are rough and not as exact nor are they as strong as steel cut extractors. This is only half of the problem with the 870 express magnum and super magnum models. The other issue is the bore having grooves left in it from high speed lathes. If you want to fix or just make your 870 more reliable then you must do a few things.
    1. replace mim extractor with non mim extractor. It does not hurt to polish the sides of the steel extractor for reliability.
    2. Take down high spots anywhere the shell may come into contact with the metal of the barrel.
    3. Polish the bore and any spot the shell may come into contact with metal.
    4. Maybe I should have mentioned this earlier but when you replace the extractor before installing the new one remove the extractor spring and detent. Inspect for flaws IE: burs or scratches. If there is no flaws clean off the spring, detent and housing in the bolt carrier for the extractor spring and apply a light coat of oil.

    Following these steps will make your 870 feed and extract reliably.

    1. Rick Schwertfeger

      I changed out the extractor and polished the chamber. I bought the Volquartsen replacement suggested above. No ejection problems since. It actually was quite easy. Go ahead and do it!

  3. Scattered

    Is there any benefit in installing the Marine extractor and will it fit in a 12ga 870 Wingmaster 3″ magnum?

  4. I called Remington they sent me two new extracters and new spring for extracter one mim and one non-mim best customer service ever

  5. Does the marine magnum have a mim extractor and is the extractor nickel plated like the rest of it?

      1. The one in that picture looks like non-mim. I just looked at mine on a marine magnum I just purchased and it looks just like the mim version you have pictured above but seems to have a nickel finish on it. Looks like I’m gonna have to upgrade after all.

  6. But here is part number for nickel plated MIM extractor: F97597 which is installed on 870 Marine Magnum

  7. Paul woodall

    What type of extractor came in the 1987 or 1988 express model? Mine appears to be non- MIM due to the grind marks I see on it. It also has the metal trigger guard and no dimples on the magazine tube.

    1. All of the 1980’s guns should be machined extractors, they were produced before the cost cutting measures that brought in the MIM extractor, plastic trigger guard and dimpled tubes. Incidentally, I don’t have an issue with the plastic trigger guards – they’re more uniform, easier to make fit and just as strong as the metal ones – maybe more so – but when you can pick up the older Wingmasters for less than the price of a new Express, it’s crazy not to. Your gun sounds like an early Express, which is very cool.

  8. I have a 95′ Express Magnum. What kind of extractor does it have? I have never had feeding or ejection issues. If it’s MIM, I surely would like to replace it? Suggestions??

    1. Look at a pic and see if it’s mim or machined. Then just swap it out. That’s what I did.

  9. I bought a Remington 870 left handed yesterday. Today I was about to install the Volquartsen extractor, but I noticed my stock extractor is non-MIM(!) It is real smooth and there’s an “R” (for Remington I guess) on it. You reckon the left handed guns are getting better parts due to smaller volumes produced?

  10. Does the non MIM extractor on your site work on the left hand 870?

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