If you’re looking for a high-quality, functional flashlight/laser combo for your pistol that won’t break the bank, you need to check out the Olight Baldr Mini. It is packed with features such as wireless recharging, dual white light/laser combo, and a thumb toggle switch. All for significantly less than comparable “big name” accessories. The Baldr Mini is also compatible with most guns in production today, which means that chances are it fits your gun.

Olight got its start in 2006 making outdoor flashlights for mostly European customers. With that success, they began to expand into tactical and law enforcement markets worldwide. Olight is an extremely innovative lighting technology company, with products that employ features not found in most illumination devices at their price. Let’s look at some of these features.

Olight Baldr Mini

Technical Specifications

Weight: 87g / 3.07oz
Length: 57mm /2.24 inches
Head Diameter: 32.8mm /1.29 inches
Waterproof Rating: IPX4
LED: High-Performance Cool White LED
Lumens: 600
Run Time: ~40 min
Strobe: Yes

What’s in a box?
Olight Baldr Mini - What's in a box?

Flashlight/Laser Combo

Features are cool, but does the product actually work how it’s supposed to? The answer to that question is “Yes”. The Olight Baldr Mini has an integrated flashlight/laser combo that combines a 600-lumen flashlight with a green laser. The Baldr Mini has a selector switch that allows you to use the laser or the flashlight by themselves, or you can use both together at the same time. It also has a thumb switch to toggle between quick on and continuously on, as well as a built-in strobe feature. The laser is a Class IIIA <5mw Safe Laser Output and the flashlight is a high-performance cool white LED that produces white light with a throw of 130 meters.

Magnetic Charger for Built-In Battery

One of the coolest features of the Olight Baldr Mini is the quick connect magnetic charger. The Baldr Mini features a built-in 3.7V 230mAh rechargeable lithium-polymer battery. The light/laser combo can run for a full 40 minutes using the light by itself, or 30 minutes with both light and laser operating together.
Quick Detach Connector and Gun Compatibility
The Baldr Mini features a quick detach connector that allows you to quickly swap the light from one gun to another. This is convenient because the Baldr Mini is compatible with just about every gun produced today that has a rail system. It comes with both Glock and Picatinny rail system inserts for quick conversions.

Olight Baldr Mini Flashlight/Laser Combo

Construction Quality

The Olight Baldr Mini is made from machined aluminum, which significantly reduces weight compared to other gun lights on the market. Despite the lightweight construction, the Baldr Mini holds up well to daily use. The quick detach clip and rail attachments are very solid and give you a secure fit. Being named “Mini”, it’s intended to be used with compact and subcompact pistols. For the Glock 19, for example, the lens of the Baldr Mini sits flush with the barrel of the gun. Perfect for use with concealed carry holsters.

Olight Baldr Mini Laser Location

As far as placement of the controls, the on/off toggle switch is located conveniently where your thumb rests naturally, making it very intuitive to use. A simple flick of the thumb up or down turns on the light.

The USB magnetic charger has a very solid feel to it. It creates a solid connection when placed within a few inches of the device. The charging magnet also features a light up LED when connected; red for charging and green for fully charged.


The competition to the Olight Baldr Mini are mostly “Micro” sized Weapon Mounted Lights (WMLs). Streamlight has a micro called the TLR-7. It is slightly smaller in length and weight, but also produces 500 lumens compared to the Baldr Mini’s 600. The TLR-7 runs on one CR123A lithium battery, and has a significantly longer runtime than the Baldr Mini, 1.5 hours compared to 40 minutes. Beam distance is generally the same between the two flashlights. The two lights also cost around the same, $130 for the Olight and $140 for the Streamlight.

Another micro weapon mounted light is the Surefire XC-1B. Surefire has been a leading name in tactical lights for a long time, and the XC-1 is their finest light made to date. It’s significantly smaller and lighter than either the Olight Baldr Mini or the Streamlight TLR-7. The Surefire XC-1 runs on one AAA battery that produces 300 lumens for a maximum runtime of 45 minutes. The beam produced can reach 54 meters. It’s size limits it’s light producing capabilities, and it’s lumens is only half what the Olight can achieve. Furthermore, the beam distance of the Olight Baldr Mini is nearly three times the distance of the Surefire XC-1. The Surefire’s price tag is also significantly higher than the Olight or the Streamlight, approaching $300.

Olight Baldr Min on Handgun


The Olight Baldr Mini is one of the most affordable, well built micro-sized weapon mounted lights on the market today. It beats its competition in both lumens and price tag. It’s built with quality construction and the toggle switches are intuitive. But maybe the most important feature is the integrated laser to go along with the flashlight. Add to that the magnetic charging USB cable, and you have a feature-laden weapon mounted light for a reasonable price.