There is a debate and there always will be a debate about whether you should have a sling on your home defense weapon. Some believe a sling on a home defense shotgun or rifle is akin to having a holster for your handgun believing no gun should be without either one. Then others believe a sling will snag on door handles and furniture while you rush to the sound of smashing doors or glass. Before deciding, you should consider what a sling’s actual purpose is and how it may be used in a tactical situation. To be less confusing this article will purposely leave out the uses for slings in a hunting situation.

Tactical Carry

Your weapon will need to be at the ready at all times. The military trains soldiers to carry their weapon at port arms if there is reason to believe there is an immediate threat but as of yet has not been identified. The weapon is carried diagonally across the chest with the barrel pointed toward one or the other shoulder depending on if you fire left or right-handed. One hand is grasping the hand guard/forearm, the other is grasping near the trigger guard, and a simple moment puts your trigger finger in position. Then it is simply a matter of target acquisition. In some cases, you can have a weapon slung and still maintain the port arms position. This does take some maneuvering but can prevent you from dropping the weapon if you need to use both hands.

Most tactical weapons will have a sling, but some shooters will bind the sling tight, taking the slack out with a “ranger band” (heavy black rubber band) and when you need the sling simply tug on the sling to remove the band. You want to maintain the sling’s size so you do not have to adjust every time to remove the slack.

Make your own ranger bands by cutting one-inch sections out of a bicycle inner tube. The rubber bands will last for years before dry rotting and are non-reflective.

Shoulder Slung When Defending Your Home

If you are startled, awake at night and realize an intruder is in the home you will carry your weapon at the ready (port arms) or the barrel will lead through doorways and around corners. You cannot do this if the weapon is slung on your shoulder. Shoulder slung weapons are not weapons at the ready. Additionally, if carrying the weapon at port arms or leading with the barrel, your sling is hanging and banging. Slings do give an opponent a place to grasp the weapon, and once again, a hanging sling can be caught on objects.

It is not likely you would need a sling as a shooting aid while defending your home unless there is a prolonged siege. Slings can be wrapped around the forearm to steady the weapon for shooting, but for quick return fire when an intruder suddenly enters the home, a sling is not useful.

When a Sling Is Useful for a Home defense Weapon

While seemingly to take forever most firefights are quick with the intruder either neutralized or retreating from the area. However, if you have to take the fight outside or to switch to a handgun because you do not have time to reload a sling will secure the weapon to your person so you have it when ready to reload if needed. You may also need to grab small children or others and will need both hands free. You should never place your weapon out of reach so having it shouldered will ensure you have it.

The only way to make a decision is to practice with a sling and without. Learn the various ways you can shoulder a weapon and bring it to bear quickly using a sling. There are various slings available that have quick detachment couplings and in some cases, you can sling the weapon in the ready position.

4 Best Tactical Shotgun Slings

There are many slings available on the market and here is list of the slings which author had a chance to test.

Magpul Multi Mission Sling MS1 on Remington 870 Shotgun

Magpul Multi Mission Sling MS1 on Remington 870 with SGA Stock and Forend

Magpul Multi Mission Sling MS1 on Remington 870 with SGA Stock and Forend

Hunting or duty shotgun is a different story. You may carry it for a hours and you will be tired holding it in your hands all the time. I have already had several posts about different slings:

Magpul MS1 Sling is very simple and high-quality sling with interesting features. This is two-point sling with slider which enables you to make quick adjustments.

Magpul MS1 Sling doesn’t have any connecting hardware. I have attached it to the Remington 870 Magpul SGA Stock via sling loop and using quick detach swivel on CDM Gear MOD-C Flashlight Clamp. This sling can be attached in many other ways.

Magpul Multi Mission Sling MS1 on Remington 870 with SGA Stock and Forend

Magpul Multi Mission Sling MS1 on Remington 870 with SGA Stock and Forend

It is available in black, coyote (sling in this review), ranger green and gray colors.

All buckles are made of plastic which looks sturdy. You can adjust sling easily. The sling itself is made with heavy webbing. It enables to carry a shotgun comfortably in many ways. Magpul MS1 Sling is going to be useful for hunting, duty or tactical shotguns.

Coyote color of the Magpul MS1 Sling matches the FDE color of the Magpul SGA Stock and MOE forend for Remington 870.

This is very simple and reliable two point sling which will work for years. Recommended.

Price: $33.20

Recommended product:

MS1 Magpul Multi Mission Sling

MS1 Magpul Multi Mission Sling

Get MS1 Magpul Multi Mission Sling on Brownells

Magpul MS2 Gen3 Sling

The Magpul MS2 Gen3 Sling is a useful upgrade for owners of shotguns or rifles. If you currently carry your shotgun or rifle with your hands while out hunting or target shooting, then you’re going to exhaust more of your energy. A handy sling like this one will keep your weapon securely next to your body while letting you remain hands-free. Just remember that it is a bad idea to have a sling on your home defense gun.

Magpul MS2 Gen 3 Sling Review

Magpul MS2 Gen 3 Sling Review

The versatile design of this sling was meant for more than just carrying your weapon. The swivel and attachment features of the sling will give you the maneuverability and stability options that you would want to have in a tactical situation. At the same time, you will have superb durability and flexibility with the weapon because of the locking hardware that helps you control your weapon better in tense environments. Those who want more maneuverability can go with the one-point clip attachment and those who want more stability can use the two-point clip attachment. It is very quick to switch from one-point to two-point, and vice versa.

Knoxx SpecOps Stock Gen III for Remington 870 - Forend

Knoxx SpecOps Stock Gen III for Remington 870 – Forend

The Magpul MS2 Gen3 sling is made of 100% nylon material. This is lightweight material that won’t add any additional weight to your weapon. At the same time, it will remain durable as you take it through tough environmental conditions, whether it’s bad weather or a tactical danger zone. The webbed nylon is also wear resistant and made to be comfortable due to its anti-chafing properties. This means you will never have to worry about getting red sores on your skin after having the sling rubbing up against your body for long periods of time. But if you ever find the sling is too tight against your body while you have a two-sling attachment set, there is an adjustment slider that you can use to remove some of this tension and make yourself more comfortable. You only need to use one hand to perform this action too.

Knoxx SpecOps Stock Gen III for Remington 870 - Stock

Knoxx SpecOps Stock Gen III for Remington 870 – Stock

The price of the Magpul MS2 Gen 3 sling is between $47 and $50 on most websites. The standard color is black but you can also find them in other colors like coyote brown, ranger green, and gray. Each sling already includes “Symmetrical Paraclips” which you can easily use to shackle the sling to your rifle. Inside each Paraclip there is an optional lock bar in case you want to keep the lever closed securely.

Price: $47.45

Recommended Product:
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Blackhawk Inc. Shotshell Sling Review

Blackhawk Inc. is a company that is well known for their quality tactical clothing and equipment. Shotshell sling is made of sturdy 2 inch nylon and very well made. This product combines shotgun bandoleer and sling. It holds 15 rounds tight and reliably. But it is easy to takem them out of the loops.

Blackhawk Inc. Shotshell Sling Review

Blackhawk Inc. Shotshell Sling Review

The idea is the same as when using sidesaddle. When you grab your shotgun in the night, you only have ammo that is in your shotgun or on your shotgun. Sidesaddle enables you to have 4-8 rounds; sling enables you having 15 rounds on your shotgun.

But there are several disadvantages when using Blackhawk shotshell sling. First, it is very heavy and your muscles are going to be tired when holding your shotgun with shotshell sling installed for a long time. The only way to use it comfortably is to have sling over your shoulder. You will need to practice with it to use it effectively.

Another disadvantage of a sling on a home defense Remington 870 shotgun is that it can hung up on doorknobs and furniture. I often see how 2-point and 3-point slings became uncomfortable when loading a shotgun, when walking through imitation of building or even can come in the way of sights.
You can use standard sling swivels (not included) with very easy to use steel spring hooks. It is easy to attach and remove this Blackhawk shotshell sling.

Great shotshell sling for the money. Costs just 19 bucks. Looks good, works good but rather heavy with 15 shotshells loaded, so you will need to get some practice to use it effectively.

Price: $15.99

Grovtec Sling for Remington 870

Shotgun slings are useful when you want to carry around a shotgun without having to hold onto it. The sling acts like a loop on the bottom of the shotgun and you just throw the loop over your shoulder to carry the shotgun around. This comes in particularly handy when you are out hunting or are getting ready to shoot something at any given moment. But in addition to carrying it around, slings also offer support when shooting the shotgun. You might not need this support with birdshot ammunition, but if you are using slugs then it will be very helpful in getting off a good shot.

Grovtec GTSL40 Utility 48x1 Nylon Sling, Black

Grovtec GTSL40 Utility 48×1 Nylon Sling, Black

I often hear questions about sling for Remington 870. The cheapest and the easiest way to attach a sling to your Remington 870 is to get sling swivels, front sling attachment (Magpul, S&J Hardware, Choate etc.) and Grovtec Utility 48×1 Nylon Sling.

Sling is handy during hunting or when you need to carry a shotgun for a long periods of time. Sling for home defense is rather controversial question. Everybody decides this themselves.

Some people prefer to have a sling on their Remington 870 shotgun and this post is for them.

Grovtec 2-point sling is very simple and cheap. It costs just $9.99. You can’t beat it for that price. It is one inch sling which looks reliable. Buckles are made of metal. Very simple solution for those who need 2-point sling.

If you don’t have magazine extension you can get Grovtec magazine cap sling swivel set. It is cheap and looks like a high-quality product. Instructions are clear and you will be able to use them in a minute.

2-point sling is classic sling for those who like simplicity.

I really like the Grovtec sling because it is simple, inexpensive and high-quality product for Remington 870 or any other shotgun.

Price: $9.99

Remington 870 Sling

Remington 870 Sling

Grovtec Sling on Remington 870

Grovtec Sling on Remington 870


Recommended Product:
Grovtec Utility 48x1 Nylon Sling

Grovtec Utility 48×1 Nylon Sling

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Grovtec Sling Swivels

Grovtec Sling Swivels

Get Grovtec Grovtec Sling Swivels on Brownells
Grovtec Magazine Cap Sling Swivel Set

Grovtec Magazine Cap Sling Swivel Set

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Magpul Remington 870 Forward Sling Mount

Magpul Remington 870 Forward Sling Mount

You can get Magpul Remington 870 Forward Sling Mount on Brownells
Choate Sling Swivel Clamp

Choate Sling Swivel Clamp

You can get Choate Sling Swivel Clamp on Brownells