Remington 700 BDL Parts

Complete Remington 700 BDL Parts List and Schematic

Remington 700 BDL Parts List and Schematics

Remington 700 BDL Parts List and Schematics
Remington 700 BDL Parts List and Schematics
Part # Part name: Remington Part #
1 Remington 700 Barrel Bracket/Lug Steel Unfinished F14810
1 Remington 700 Barrel Bracket Lug Stainless Steel Silver F97483
2 Bolt Handle, Left Hand F90553
3 Bolt Handle, Right Hand, SS F97448
3 Bolt Handle, Right Hand F26330
3 Bolt Handle, SS, Left Hand F99860
5 Bolt Plug F17012
5 Firing Pin Assembly, Blue, SA F305631
6 Bolt Stop, Blue F17013
7 Bolt Stop Pin F404113
8 Bolt Stop Release, SS F97491
8 Bolt Stop Release, Blue F15478
9 Bolt Stop Spring F15224
9 Bolt Stop Spring, Left Hand F90554
11 32082 New Style Butt Plate Screw Black Steel F25410
12 552 Type B Outer Butt Plate Frame Screw Black Plastic F92796B
14 700 Butt Plate Spacer White Polymer F90571B
15 Ejector F17017
16 Ejector Retaining Pin F94555
18 Ejector Spring F17019
19 Extractor, Rivetless F93712
20 Firing Pin Assembly, Blue, LA F305630
21 Firing Pin Cross Pin F403837
22 Floor Plate Latch F110540
23 Floor Plate Latch Pin F16451
24 700 Floor Plate Latch Spring Silver Steel F16452
25 Floor Plate Pivot Pin F16453
26 Guard Screw, Hex, Center F104250
27 Guard Screw, Hex, Front, SS  
27 Guard Screw, Front F104125
28 Guard Screw, Hex, Rear, Blue F104126
28 Guard Screw, Rear, SS F106292
30 Magazine, 300 Rem Ultra Magnum, Stainless Steel F200560
30 Magazine, 300 Rem Ultra Magnum, Blued F300248
30 Magazine F16430
30 Magazine Box, Short Action F16715
30 Magazine F106605
30 Magazine Box, Ultra Mag, Short Action F110848
31 Magazine Follower, Ultra, SAUM F110855
31 Magazine Follower F92218
31 Magazine Follower F92508
31 Magazine Follower, LAUM F90952B
31 Magazine Follower F90982B
31 Magazine Spacer F15286
32 Magazine Spring F91133
32 Magazine Spring F15677
32 Magazine Spring


34 Mainspring F17029
34 Mainspring, Short Action F17058
36 Receiver Plug Screw F202853
37 Safety Detent Ball F23222
38 Safety Detent Spring, Left Hand F92546
38 Safety Detent Spring F15368
39 Safety Pivot Pin F17043
40 Safety Snap Washer F17044
41 Sear Pin F403818
42 .385" Bead Front Sight Low Steel White F15719
42 .460" Bead Front Sight Steel White F14659
42 .430" Bead Front Sight Steel White F15373
43 Rear Aperture Sight Black  
44 Remington 597 Adjustable Rear Sight Assembly Black F111320
45 Rear Sight Base Black F111330
46 Remington 700 Rear/Front Sight Base Screw Black F28505
47 Remington Rear Sight Elevation Screw Black  
48 Front Sight Hood Black F15363
49 Remington Front Sight Ramp Black F15635
50 Remington 552 Factory Replacement Rear Sight Slide Black  
51 Rear Sight Windage Screw Black  
52 Rem 700 Police Stock Assembly OEM Synthetic BLK F94519
52 Rem 700 SA BDL Stock Assembly OEM Wood Brown F93616W
52 Rem 700 LA BDL Stock Assembly OEM Wood Brown F93617W
53 Swivel Screw, Front/Rear F15358
55 ADL Triggerguard, Steel F94489
56 BDL Triggerguard, Aluminum F26370
56 BDL Triggerguard, Aluminum F26371
56 Trigger Guard Assembly, BDL F97867
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