Glock Serial (Barrel) Number Lookup

About Glock Handguns

Glock handguns are semi-automatic pistols with polymer frames, which are plastic frames. This makes them light weight and easy to carry around. They also have short recoil when you shoot them, which means they are easier to aim for better accuracy. Since it is semi-automatic, that means the gun will fire a round each time you pull the trigger. That way you don’t have to worry about cocking back a hammer or anything like that. You just repeatedly pull the trigger if you want to fire multiple rounds. When you combine this convenience with all the other aspects of the weapon, it explains why the Glock is a favorite amongst pistol lovers.

The Glock is manufactured by Glock Ges.m.b.H., which is an Austrian weapons manufacturer. The person who started the company was a man named Gaston Glock. Surprisingly, Gaston had no experience in designing or manufacturing firearms when he started his company. His area of expertise was in advanced synthetic polymers. Gaston used his knowledge about polymers to create the frames of the Glock weapon. After the Glock firearms were manufactured, they were first used by Austrian police and military officials in 1982. The Glocks worked well for these officials and they continue to use them to this day.

The controversy with the Glocks came when they were being introduced to the public marketplace. Many critics were worried about the “plastic gun” aspect of the Glock. One complaint was that the plastic makes the Glock less durable and reliable than a metal gun. But an even bigger concern was how a plastic gun could become undetectable if someone carries it through a metal detector, like at a courthouse or an airport. For this reason, most Glocks are made with steel sliders in order to make them detectable.

Glocks are the most popular pistol in the United States. They sell more than any other pistol. People like to use them for both recreation and self defense. The majority of those who have a permit to carry a concealed weapon will likely have a Glock because of its light weight and reliability. However, these guns don’t just sell to civilians who are looking to defend themselves or shoot at targets for sport. Statistics show that 65% of law enforcement agencies in the United States issue Glocks to their police officers. These agencies include local law enforcement and federal agencies, like the DEA and FBI.

Glock Serial (Barrel) Number Lookup

I have received many letters when I launched Remington Serial Number Lookup. Readers asked if it’s possible to make Glock Serial (Barrel) Number Lookup to check the production date automatically.

Check production date of your Glock handgun using automatic Glock Serial (Barrel) Number Lookup. It will decode three letters from the barrel of your handgun.

Don’t enter serial number, enter serial number from barrel.

Please see following picture to locate the Glock serial (barrel) number:

Glock Serial (Barrel) Number Lookup
Glock Serial (Barrel) Number Lookup

Glock Serial (Barrel) Number Lookup will work with any Glock pistol:

Glock Serial (Barrel) Number Lookup basesd on information from The Gun Digest Book Of The Glock. It enables you to check production date of a glock using the serial number from the barrel.

Best Upgrades for Your Glock
Best Upgrades for Your Glock

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  1. I have a Glock 21 Gen3. .45ACP. The serial # on the barrel & Frame match. Everywhere I have looked on line shows a top down look at the chamber/barrel w/the 3 letter code & usually with 9×19 following the 3 letters. (I assume this means 9mm X 19 rds) This one is not like that. Top down stamped into chamber is “.45 Auto”. On the Right hand side of the barrel is the serial # “MRT002” followed by the Glock logo and a very small pentagon. Your page & one other I found cant seem to find this MRT serial. Now my curiosity is up. What is different about this gun? I was peeked by the seemingly low (002) serial #. One thing that is different about this gun is appears to have factory installed fiber optic sights. I can’t find anywhere that Glock offered fiber optic sights as OEM. If these were not installed at the factory then the person who did really knows his business as there is not a mark or scratch on the frame inside or out. Thx.

    1. I own four Gen 3 Glocks – a 22, a 23, a 27, and a 31. Every one of them has the same barrel stamping you describe. SN matching the frame and slide, caliber marking, and a pentagon. The top of the barrel is stamped with caliber only on all four. My 31 is within 600 numbers of yours, also with an ‘MRT’ prefix. For what it’s worth, mine was a police trade-in with factory night sights and a test-fire date in January of ’09. Would love to find a way to identify the rest of them.

    2. Skevlar

      “(I assume this means 9mm X 19 rds)”

      This is a caliber only designation, nothing to do with mag capacity, etc. There are several 9mm cartridges, i.e., 9×18, 9×23, etc. (2nd # refers to case length; similar to mil & euro rifle Calibers)
      The “.45Auto” is nothing more than a mfg’rs Quirk, same as how they use “.40SW”… The 3-letter prefixes that there are many opportunities for the “002” to repeat as the “M” series begins
      With “MAA” then once once run thru 000 or 001 to 999 it switches to MAB
      and so on until reaching MZZ which then rolls over to “NAA” and runs thru the three numerals once again. (Many gun makers that use letters as part of their serial # system don’t use the “O” or “I”, etc. So there is no confusing letters as numerals same as automobile license plates.
      It’s easy to install Glock front sights w/o marks as it’s held in the oval hole in the slide by a single very small screw
      and a no-brainier for the Hobbiest who
      knows the proper sight height required with possibly some fine file work on the sights tenon (only) if it’s too large to fit in the OEM hole in the slide.

    3. Gary Bruce

      My situation is the same as yours. My markings are the same and my serial number us BEL(and 3 numbers) Can’t find any info on mfg date.
      Gary, Peachtree City, GA

  2. I have a G27 Gen 4… serial is YEGxxx, Where you say to look only has AT next to Glock logo.

    1. I have a 30 and that’s how it is on mine. Just the Glock logo followed by the letters AT…

  3. I own a glock 22 with the letters BWR in the serial number. I bought it in 95 when I was in Law Enforcement. I enter the letters in and it comes back as manufacture date of 2013. All serial numbers match on barrel, slide and frame. Why would there be a descrepancy?

  4. Jamie Waibel

    And mine is the same as well, Glock logo followed by AT and 9×19 followed by an encircled 30. Any idea how to determine the information on these?

  5. Shawn smith

    I can’t get it to work, i put in the letters like it said but nothing happens, what am i doing wrong?

  6. Ranger Rick

    My Glock 22 only has 40 on the barrel. Nothing else. Anyway to check it using serial number?
    Best Regards, Ranger Rick

  7. Donald W Chase

    My 17 only has LL before numbers and then 9×19, then glock logo

  8. Glock 22 gen 2 serial# says bmk, you type that in and it says 1952, the gen 2 22 didn’t come out till 88 correct.

  9. My glock17 # KHB dose not show up anywhere dose anyone know the year?

  10. Christopher Ketch

    My Glock 22 gen 2 has.40SW stamped on the top of the barrel with the serial number SA####TX on the side of it. All three numbers match. The slide has San Antonio Police Department stamped on it as well. Just wanting to know when it was made.

    1. Bro… that gun probably killed someone, or at least shot at least one or more persons. That’s how you get a police department stamp on it because it was a service weapon for some officer who shot someone and than it was entered into evidence until the cop was done with the mandatory case review which can take up to a year sometimes, and paid suspension (because we live in America and everyone is innocent until proven guilty [unfortunately That’s only a law enforcement privilege these days[), in the meantime if the officer is deemed fit to return to duty after a short suspension and minor psychological assessment, it’s initially deemed a justified shooting by the DA until the final review is finished which usually clears the officer of any crime anyway, Then they auction it off to the public because the officer already has a new weapon issue and no longer needs that one anymore.

  11. My G17 Gen 1, has a GTF behind the #AFXXX serial. That came up with a 1984 manuf date. I purchased the pistol from a dealer in 1987.

  12. I have searched high and low for a manufacture date of my Glock 17 and have come up with zero results. It seems like it doesn’t exist. Letters are BABXXX. Haven’t been able to find information for the pistol any advise?

  13. HanzUSMC

    I own a Glock 23 with a Serial #AFU***, but nothing comes back when I put in the first 3 letters or entire serial number. I’m pretty sure it’s a Gen 2. I’m more curious if it’s worth anything because of the early serial # and has become a safe gun because I upgraded to a Gen 4 Glock 23 so I have a rail for a Surefire X300U light.

  14. scott barnett

    I have a G22 gen 3 and my serial number starts with MVA….cNt find it any where….what is the issue?…anyone know?

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