Remington 597 Parts

List of the available spare parts for the Remington 597.

Complete Remington 597 Parts List and Schematic

This list will be regularly updated with new parts.

Remington 597 Parts List and Schematic
Remington 597 Parts List and Schematic

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Part # Part name: Remington Part #

Action Spring

1 Action Spring, Inner F300110

Action Spring, Outer

2 Assembly Pin F300010
4 Remington 597 Barrel Clamp Screw Steel Black F3000
5 Bolt Buffer F305000
6 Bolt Guide Rail F300001

Bolt Handle

9 New Style Butt Plate Screw Black Steel F25410
10 552 Type B Outer Butt Plate Frame Screw Black Plastic F92796B
10 572 Type B Butt Plater Insert Black Polymer F92797B
11 Ejector F300592
12 Extractor F305011
13 Extractor Plunger F97039
14 Extractor Spring F97418

Firing Pin

16 Firing Pin Retaining Pin F300014
17 Firing Pin Spring F300006
18 Guide Rail Screw F300018
19 Hold Open F300380
19 Hold Open F300378
20 Hold Open Pin F300015
21 Hold Open Spring F300025
  Remington 597 Magazine 22 WMR 8rd Aluminum Silver F305546
23 Pivot Pin F300000
24 Receiver Plug Screw F202853
24 Receiver Plug Screw, SS F97437
28 .590" Bead Front Sight Steel White F300035
29 Remington 597 Adjustable Rear Sight Assembly Black F111320
30 Rossi 59 Rear Sight Base Screw Black F300949
31 Remington 700 Rear/Front Sight Base Screw Black F28505
32 Remington 597 Stock Assembly OEM Synthetic BLK F305045
32 Remington 597 Magnum Stock Assembly OEM Synthetic BLK F305047
33 Take Down Screw, Front F300012
34 Trigger Housing Assembly F305055

Remington 597 Repair Kit

It’s good to have repair kit which includes: extractor, firing pin, firing pin spring, bolt buffer and other parts.

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