This post is about the most popular Magazine Extensions for Remington 870 Shotgun.

Remington 870 with Magazine Extension
Remington 870 with Magazine Extension

What is shotgun magazine extension?

Traditional shotgun users are used to loading shells into the chamber of their shotgun before they fire it. Most shotguns don’t have magazines that you attach to it though. You will only find those with handguns and rifles. However, there are shotguns that can have magazine extensions instead. These are similar to magazines in the sense that they both allow you to hold additional rounds of ammunition. But the magazine extensions are shaped and constructed differently. Instead of being something that attaches to the handle of the gun, the magazine extension is a solid steel tube that replaces the regular magazine cap on your shotgun. It will then add a few extra rounds of ammunition to your shotgun. Many of the newer extensions include a sling swivel clamp that secures the extension to the barrel of the shotgun for additional support.

ATTENTTION: High quality magazine spring and follower are extremely important for reliable feeding:

You will find magazine extensions compatible with most 12 gauge shotgun models. The shotguns alone typically hold up to five rounds of ammunition, but when you add the extension you should be able to hold up to ten rounds. The people who use magazine extensions are usually those who practice at a shooting range or like to hunt wild animals. This wouldn’t necessarily be for people who are trying to aim and land a precise hit on their target. Instead, it is for people who want to shoot at a target closer to them while firing multiple consecutive rounds. Police and members of law enforcement commonly have these extensions on their department issued shotguns. That way they don’t have to worry about running out of ammunition too quickly when they are shooting at suspects or enduring a tough situation where they wouldn’t have too much time to reload. As for homeowners looking to protect their families, it is your choice as to whether or not you feel that an extension is necessary. Usually you will be shooting close range at an intruder, so you may not need additional ammunition unless you are worried that you will miss your target. But it is better to be safe than sorry so you mine as well purchase an extension anyways.

Shotgun magazine extensions run about $50 on average. The Remington models are the most preferred extensions, which will work even better with Remington model shotguns. Check with your local gun dealer because they will be able to recommend the best extension for any shotgun that you have or are looking to purchase.

Best 7 Magazine Extensions for Remington 870 Shotgun:

  • Nordic Components
  • Choate
  • TacStar
  • Remington
  • ATI
  • Vang Comp Systems
  • Wilson Combat

Magazine Extension Rating Price
Nordic Components Our Choice $85
Remington $64.99
Choate $46.99
Vang Comp Systems $79.99
Wilson Combat $46.99
TacStar $61.99
ATI Discontinued Discontinued

This is new version of the review of Magazine Extensions for Remignton 870 shotgun. This time I added new information about the extensions I reviewed earlier and reviews about the new ones.

Magazine extension tube is one of the first upgrades shotgun owners usually buy and install. This is understandable because shotguns have very limited number of rounds. There are a lot of different magazine extensions available on the market. You can get magazine extension separately or complete magazine tube extension kit.

You will see advantages and disadvantages of each of the magazine extensions.

Nordic Components Magazine Extension Tube for the Remington 870

Nordic Components is a well known company which makes magazine extensions for different shotguns for many years. Most of the competitive shooters use their magazine extensions without any problems.

The difference is that this magazine extensions consists of 3 parts (tube, tube cap, tube nut). So you need to buy the nut that fits your shotgun and then magazine tube of needed capacity or length nad nut. This puzzles some of the shotgun owners but that is very simple to order needed parts.

This is the best magazine extension you can get for the competition shotgun. Other companies offer +1, +2 or +3 magazine extensions but with Nordic Components you can get +7, +8 and even +9 magazine extension!

Extension (consists of 3 parts)

Nordic Components Extension
Nordic Components Extension

This extension is made of aluminium, it is lightweight but pretty reliable. This extension comes with high-quality spring with black coating. And the best thing – a lot of shooters use these extensions and have no problems with them.

Now let’s have a closer look at all advantages Nordic Components extension gives to a shooter. This extension is lightweight. If you compare it to other ones you will see a great difference in weight. Remington 870 is a heavy shotgun and it is nice to have such a lightweight extension.

It consists of 3 parts: tube, tube end cap, tube nut. This eliminates joint which can be found in monolithic construction extensions. This also allows you to have one +5 tube for competitions and one +3 tube for home-defense. +5 tube allows to have more rounds but it sticks out too much, it is much better to have a shorter tube for use in close quarters.

Also, after installation, you can take out the end cap and look inside your magazine tube to check if everything is ok.

This extension comes with one of the best magazine springs. It will fit any magazine extension you can find.

I have also tested the follower from Nordic Components and it works great.

3-part Сonstruction
Made of aluminum, lightweight
High capacity magazine extensions available

Steel is still sturdier

The price of this magazine extension tube is about $80. One of the best magazine extensions you can choose for your shotgun.

Recommended Product:

Nordic Magazine Extension for Remington 870
Nordic Magazine Extension for Remington 870
Get Nordic Magazine Extension for Remington 870 on Brownells

Remington Magazine Extension for the Remington 870

Original Remington extension is on the 2nd place. It is good extension but it has a lot of differences.

Extension Tube
Clamp (without swivel)
Mounting screw for clamp

Remington Magazine Extension
Remington Magazine Extension

1. Remington magazine extension is a little longer than the other ones. There are many theories about the purpose of this nose cap in the end of the tube, but the truth is that it allows attaching a bayonet (for example, M7 bayonet).

If you want to add a bayonet to your shotgun you will need an additional bayonet adapter. For example, the one from S&J Hardware, the price is about $80-100. Original military U.S.M.C. M870 MK1 Bayonet Adapter/Magazine Bracket (which is no longer manufactured) is difficult to find and will cost you about $250.

2.  This extension has a groove around it that provides an interlock for the mounting screw of the barrel clamp. It positions the clamp on the extension and locks it in position. This is one of the advantages of the Remington extension because clamp can’t move under recoil. Some of the shooters say that other barrel clamps are not as reliable as the one by Remington.

ATTENTION: This groove may cause a follower from the Vang Comp Systems to stick inside the magazine tube.

3. Extension consists of two parts. This allows smooth feeding. Some other extensions (TacStar and Choate) are made from solid tube and have small “step” inside tube which can cause jamming of the spring or follower to malfunction. This extension is the most expensive one; the price is about $100-120

Remington 870 +2 Magazine Extension Tube Pros:

Thanks to Synchronizor for this review.

• Solid, well-proven design that has successfully served in military, law enforcement, and civilian applications since the 1960s
• Kits & parts manufactured in the USA by Remington themselves
• Multiple finishes available to handle different environments and/or match the look of your gun
• Durable all-steel construction, yet relatively lightweight compared to other steel extensions
• Modular design with the ability to add extension tubes for more capacity options
• Bracket reinforces extension against impacts & rough handling, and keeps extension in place even on barrels without locking detents
• Bracket groove locks bracket & sling mount securely in place
• Follower stop helps to prevent spring over-compression, improving reliability and extending spring life
• Spring sized for use in +3 extensions ensures strong and reliable feeding in the +2, even when worn
• Vent hole in end cap serves several beneficial functions
• 7/8” end cap allows standard M16 bayonets to be attached with the addition of a bayonet lug
• Standard 1” outer tube diameter compatible with most clamp-on accessories

Remington 870 +2 Magazine Extension Tube Cons:

• Reliability & function highly dependent on proper installation
• Relatively high factory price tag means you’ll probably have to do some searching to find good prices
• Internal tube joint sensitive to even minor gaps or misalignment
• Effectively a +1 with longer magnum shells
• Follower stop fixes capacity, changing or trimming the spring will not increase space
• Solid-bodied followers can over-compress the low-compressibility stock magazine spring
• Need for a clamp or bracket complicates take-down & reassembly, and can make it difficult to use this extension with some barrels
• Factory bracket & sling stud can only be installed at one location; may interfere with other accessories
• Free-spinning sling stud rattles, and can allow slings to be come twisted
• Limited thread length on extension tube can lead to internal gaps & function problems with some under-cap accessories

The Remington factory +2 extension’s two-piece design and relatively complex installation means it may not be the best choice if you take apart or reconfigure your 870 frequently. I wouldn’t necessarily call this a deal-breaker, but if quick & tool-less take-down is really important to you, or if you’re using a non-standard barrel, you’re probably not going to be a fan of the Remington extension bracket. If you want something fast, tool-less, and hard to install wrong, a well-designed single-piece extension may be a better fit for you. There’s also the issue of 3” or longer magnum shells, which the Remington extensions weren’t designed for. If you want to have a full 6+1 capacity with these longer magnums but you don’t have the means to build a custom extension tube without a follower stop, you should probably look elsewhere.

However, this extension’s all-steel construction, included reinforcing bracket, and excellent reliability with 2.75” shells make it well-suited for the application for which it was originally designed – a dedicated combat or defensive 870 build that won’t be kept loaded with 3” magnums and will not be taken apart or reconfigured every day. If you’re looking for a +2 to build a simple & dependable personal/home defense or duty weapon, the time-proven Remington +2 is an excellent choice. And because of its ability to accept alternate factory and relatively easy-to-make custom-length extension tubes, a Remington extension is also a solid option if you want to be able to have a variety of capacity options without paying for multiple complete extension kits or an expensive multi-capacity competition setup.

Recommended Product:
Remington 870 Magazine Extension Get Remington 870 Magazine Extension on Brownells

Vang Comp Systems Magazine Extension Tube for Remington 870 Review

Founded in 1990 by gunsmith Hans Vang, Vang Comp Systems, Inc. offers a variety of gunsmithing and refinishing services, but is perhaps best known for the system of barrel modifications that they offer for combat shotguns. The company also produces a handful of tactical shotgun parts and accessories, including a line of magazine extensions. Vang Comp’s shotgun accessories have an overall positive reputation across the shotgunning community for quality and durability, and their Remington magazine extensions, offered in +1 and +2 varieties, are popular choices for combat and defensive 870 builds. They are also notably used on Nighthawk’s extremely high-dollar custom combat 870s.

Extension Design & Construction:

The Vang Comp extensions are single-piece designs, meaning that the extension is a single, rigid assembly that installs just like an elongated magazine cap. Monolithic construction is a nice feature.

Remington 870 Vang Comp Systems Magazine Extension Tube
Remington 870 Vang Comp Systems Magazine Extension Tube

Remington 870 Vang Comp Systems Magazine Extension Tube Pros:

• Extremely sturdy all-steel monolithic construction
• Single-piece design simplifies installation & removal
• Sealed end cap prevents ingress of any foreign material from the front end
• Standard 1” outer tube diameter is compatible with many clamp-on accessories
• Sling plate can be reversed, removed, & replaced with basic tools
• +2 with pretty much any SAAMI-compliant 2.75” or 3.5” shells
• Potentially a +3 with the right spring, follower, and/or shells
• Will not extend past any standard barrel longer than 18”, even if under-cap accessories are used
• Sling plate location compatible with any barrel with a muzzle at least 1.2” ahead of the guide ring

Remington 870 Vang Comp Systems Magazine Extension Tube Cons:

• Stainless steel follower is heavy, jam-prone in extensions, and the same color as many shell cups
• Weak magazine spring loses stiffness rapidly with use, and causes multiple different feed malfunctions
• Flat, shallow knurling on extension does not provide much grip
• Excessive internal gap can lead to hang-ups, especially with the included follower
• Use of under-cap accessories can negatively affect reliability
• Extension’s interior is not fully bored-out, limiting capacity & adding extra mass
• Roughly-machined internal tube surface causes noticeable additional drag
• Included sling plate will fit very loosely with most barrels
• Sling plate can only be oriented to the left or right, no vertical option to match the sling studs on most factory stocks
• Ridged cuts at the base are shallow, soft, and do not engage magazine cap detents very positively
• Kit does not include anything to help secure extension on barrels without magazine cap detents
• Light-duty black oxide finish rubs off easily
• Price is high compared to other kits with similar features & functionality, and fixing out-of-the-box issues will require additional effort & expense

Price: $69.99-$79.99

Recommended Product:

Vang Comp Magazine Extension Tube for Remington 870
Vang Comp Magazine Extension Tube for Remington 870
Get Remington 870 Magazine Extension on Brownells

Wilson Combat Magazine Extension Tube for Remington 870 Shotgun

Remington 870 Wilson Combat Magazine Extension
Remington 870 Wilson Combat Magazine Extension

Remington 870 Wilson Combat Magazine Extension Tube Pros:

• Sturdy all-steel construction
• Single-piece design is simple & easy to remove or install in any setting, and does not require a clamp
• Sharp knurling on base provides excellent grip for tool-less installation & removal
• Vent hole in end cap serves several beneficial functions
• Follower tail helps to stabilize follower, and its length is a good match for the included spring
• Dimpled base borrows from factory magazine cap design to secure extension on barrels with magazine cap detents
• Included wave washer helps to secure extension on barrels without magazine cap detents
• Standard 1” outer tube diameter is compatible with most clamp-on accessories
• A variety of options for sling plates, including a lack thereof.
• +2 with pretty much any SAAMI-compliant 2.75” or 3.5” shells
• Potentially a +3 with the right spring, follower, and/or shells
• Will not extend past any standard barrel longer than 18”
• Rear-mounted sling plates can be paired with any barrel with a muzzle at least 1.25” ahead of the guide ring

Remington 870 Wilson Combat Magazine Extension Tube Cons:

Thanks to Synchronizor for this review.

• Follower’s manufacturing quality leaves something to be desired; best to remove center post before it can cause problems
• Internal tube gap and sharp-edged follower can lead to hang-ups with damaged or poorly-crimped shells
• Use of under-cap accessories can negatively affect reliability
• Overly-thick end cap limits capacity, may only be a +1 with longer 3” shells
• Sling plates are permanently-attached and can only be oriented one way
• Sling plates will not fit properly with some barrels
• Extension is somewhat overbuilt and heavy, with unnecessary mass in the base, end cap, & sling plate
• Extension’s finish is not an exact match to factory 870 finishes

If I’m being honest, the Wilson Combat +2 is not terribly refined. With its slightly short length, chunky construction, and thick end cap, this isn’t a great choice if you’re looking to build a maximum-capacity magazine configuration that matches an 18.5” barrel, or if you’re after a really lightweight kit for hunting, packing, or competition. Its single-piece design and permanently-attached sling mounting hardware is not terribly versatile, even compared to other single-piece extensions. Both of these areas could be improved upon with some very simple design tweaks.

I also would like to see Wilson Combat expand their lineup. A slightly-extended +2 (a +2+, if you will) that is a half-inch longer to line up with 18.5” barrels would be great; with the right spring and follower, it could easily be a +3 with many 2.75” shells. A full +3 sized to match 20” barrels would also be welcome. Both of these additions would be as simple as attaching the same base, cap, and sling plate parts to a longer length of tube.

Recommended Product:

Wilson Combat Magazine Extension for Remington 870
Wilson Combat Magazine Extension for Remington 870
Get Wilson Combat Magazine Extension on Brownells

TacStar Magazine Extension for the Remignton 870


TacStar Magazine Extension
TacStar Magazine Extension

This is one of the most popular magazine extensions for Remington 870 shotgun. You can select polished blued or matte parkerized variant. The tube is made of solid piece of metal. Some of the users of this magazine extension say that parkerized coating was not very durable. Other that that it works perfectly and does not need any modifications.

The of this extension is about $50-60

Recommended Product:

TacStar Magazine Extension for Remington 870
TacStar Magazine Extension for Remington 870
Get TacStar Magazine Extension tube on Brownells

Choate Magazine Extension for the Remington 870 Shotgun

Choate extension is inexpensive and works properly but you need to replace magazine follower and spring.

Clamp (with swivel)
Mounting screw for clamp
Orange follower with tail

Choate Magazine Extension
Choate Magazine Extension

This is one-piece extension made of metal. It is available in polished blue or matte blue finish.

The price is about $40-50

Thanks to Wesley Stump for this small review:

The first thing I noticed upon receiving the extension was that they had sent me the matte blue finished tube instead of the regular blued finish I had ordered. Not an issue as far as quality goes, but aggravating none the less. The tube comes with the appropriate length spring, barrel clamp, and plastic shell follower (orange in color). All of which were of high quality except for the follower.

The follower seems to be an injection molded piece and had some excessive flash from the mold which affected the fit it with the mag tube. The follower was too right and was going to require modification to work properly. I ended up using the factory Remington follower.

Overall I’ve been happy with the product, the tube and spring are well made and I haven’t had any feed issues at all using the Choate tube, supplied spring and my factory follower.

Recommended Product:

Choate Magazine Extension for Remington 870
Choate Magazine Extension for Remington 870
Get Choate Magazine Extension tube for Remington 870 on Brownells

ATI 7 Shot Fluted Magazine Remington 870 Extension Review

UPDATE: Discontinued by manufacturer and no longer available for purchase.

Special thanks to Tactical887 for this review of the new ATI 7 Shot Fluted Magazine Extension.

The new ATI 7 shot fluted magazine extension, is not just all about aesthetics. It is constructed of military type 3 anodized, 6061 T6 aluminum. The standoff cap is designed for breaching doors, however the 7 shot extension runs fairly flush with the bore of an 18.5” barrel (see the first picture below). If one were anticipating to use this extension as a breaching tool, then I would recommend you purchase the 8 shot extension. The 8 shot extension will protrude past the bore further than the 7 shot, making it easier to jam into door wedges. ATI makes an assortment of different end caps. If the standoff end cap (shown in the picture above) is not your style, ATI makes plain and swivel stud end caps.

ATI, incorporated a ratchet base for a tight fit. This is a nice feature because there is no need for magazine clamp, commonly found on the factory Remington 7 shot extension. I have fired about 100 rounds through my 870 with the new ATI 7 shot fluted magazine extension, and it did not loosen from the recoil.

Another advantage is that the extension runs flush with the shotgun barrel lug (see picture below). This gives the 870 a mean but yet unified look, the barrel lug would also supply extra support to the extension during the breaching process.

Cons of the Remington 7 shot magazine extension:
A magazine clamp is needed in order to keep the extension from coming lose during recoil. The magazine clamp will scratch the barrel as well as the extension upon removal and reassembly. The magazine clamp is added weight and prolongs take down time.

The bayonet mount creates a smaller internal diameter which shortens the magazine spring and creates more tension, only allowing for six 2 ¾” shot shells to be loaded in the magazine tube and one in the chamber. Technically making the 870 have a 6+1 capacity. But when you think about it, it really is only a 6 shot extension even though it’s marketed as a 7.

Pros of the ATI 7 shot fluted magazine extension in regards to the Remington factory mag ext.
No magazine clamp
Military type 3 anodized, 6061 T6 aluminum construction
Fast take down time
Allows the magazine spring to have proper tension, the magazine tube will hold seven 2 ¾” shot shells and one in the chamber for a total of a 7+1 capacity.

New ATI 7 Shot Fluted Magazine Extension
New ATI 7 Shot Fluted Magazine Extension
New ATI 7 Shot Fluted Magazine Extension for Remington 870
New ATI 7 Shot Fluted Magazine Extension for Remington 870

There are several other extensions available on the market today, I will add information about them when I have a chance to test them. Please leave a comment if you have any experience with magazine extensions for Remington 870 shotgun.

This article contains information from following post about magazine extension tubes for Remington 870 shotgun:

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  1. el rico liberatore

    About Choate… I just got the extension package in… should I not bother with it and move on to another instead?

    1. I need to updated the review. I have Choate extension installed for some time now and it works good. But I recommend to order different follower and magazine spring.

  2. marty moore

    why are they so fucking expensive it’s just a tube?, spring, follower, I’ve seen them a lot cheaper, i know when the word tactical is used the price goes up? i also know almost every manufacturer uses the term tactical for almost any part whether it’s a pistol, rifle, or shotgun. i also know inflation is high but $ 50 to 100 bucks is absolutely ridiculous!!! i hope the manufacture [ s ] will read this and change their marketing strategy . unfortunately they won’t because of the almighty buck. what I’ve seen here on this site every thing should be no more $30 bucks!!!!
    it is just a piece of tubing?

    1. Marty, they all need to buy equipment, buy materials, pay for transportation, advertising, pay salary to engineers, workers, administrative personnel, pay taxes and earn something.

      1. Sorry Rem 870, but manufacturers don’t pay taxes. Well they pay it then pass it along. The consumer pays the taxes. A good example would be a $30,000 Ford Taurus. What do you think it would cost if you removed all taxes from it? The answer is $13,000. So taxes are never paid by manufacturers, only by the consumer. Everything else in your statement is correct.

        1. Great, I will tell the IRS that I don’t have to pay taxes because I am a manufacturer. I will tell them Fred said so.

          1. No, as a manufacturer, you’ll pass costs–including taxes–on to buyers. What’s hard to understand about that?

    2. If you think it’s that easy, go ahead and make your own $30 extension kits. If you’re actually able to market them for that price and stay afloat, you will make money. But I think you’ll find that magazine extensions aren’t as simple as a piece of tube. You need a coupler or base component with threads machined in, you need a properly-designed interface so that shells and the follower don’t hang up at the joint, you need to add features or parts to keep it in place under recoil, you need an end cap that won’t come off if the gun gets dropped, and there should be something on the outside so that folks can grip the thing for installation & removal. Also, most extensions include a sling attachment point of some kind, so don’t forget that. You’ll also want to include a new spring, at the very least, so make sure that’s engineered properly and capable of handling sufficient cycles; and most kits include a new follower that the manufacturer knows will run reliably in their extension.

      Then you need either people (easy, but expensive) or machines (cheap to operate, but expensive to buy/build and get/keep running properly) to design & make the the extension and other parts, package stuff, and ship it all out.

      To be honest, I’m impressed that the companies making budget kits in the $40 – $50 range can make a decent profit. I’ve worked in manufacturing, I know how much engineering and manpower goes into even relatively simple products.

      1. Michael Max

        Or one could just design the thing and then let folks overseas carve it out of a solid block of chinesium for 3.50$ a pop.

      2. dingle berry

        Its all outsourced and made in china or worse, or the parts are made there and assembled in the USA (so they can say its american made) and shipped here. Its pennies on the dollar that way. The markup is alot tho

    3. Robert Dinicola

      then buy another brand and then you can complain because it does not work well. the nordic is the only one that works absolutly flawlessly. they spend lots of money on r&d and pay employees to develop things before they make a dime on it. the first one that works is worth a few thousand dollars. even at the retail price it will take a long time to see a proffit on the part.

    1. I got one of them there plastic extender from ATI decades ago. It is an absolute piece of crap. Bends to the left like Nancy Pelosi and my… And dont tell me it aint plastic…Fleebay add doesnt say its not. And who buys from Fleebay, gamblers?
      An extender worth its salt should be at least made of steel or robust aluminium, add two 3″ shells, have a forward stabilizer bracket secured onto the barrel and a swivel sling attachment.

  3. I use a Nordic extension on my 870 IPSC gun, it kept coming loose as I don’t have a ball detent on the front of the barrel ring.
    I couldn’t find the correct size wave washer so I tried an o-ring barrel seal from a Rem 1100. It’s been working fine for a couple of thousand rounds so far – cheap fix !

  4. Canadian Punch

    I have a Remington 870 Wingmaster with an 18.5 inch barrel an ATI side folding tactical stock and an ATI 8 shot (+3) fluted mag extension with the stand off cap. I just ordered a Black Aces Tactical rail system. I love the look of the mag extension. It sticks out about 2 inches past the barrel which is what you’d want. Pointless to have the breaching teeth flush with the barrel and no it wont affect or get in rhe way of the shot coming out of the barrel. My only issue is that I can’t find barrel clamps large enough to fit its diameter. Have looked for weeks. So I’m finding it difficult to add any picatinny rails to the front of the gun because of the large diameter. Its 1.25 inches as opposed to the 1 inch diameter of most mag extensions and barrels. Black Aces Tactical has assured me that their product will fit around my mag extension. I guess I’ll see as soon as it gets here. Does anyone know where you can find clamps that will fit this mag extension? Otherwise if my Black Aces Tactical rail system wont fit it, I’ll have to buy a regular 1 inch diameter mag extension. I really dont want to have to.

  5. Khimaira

    Remington 870 20 gauge magazine extension has been discontinued. As for Nordic comp they only wholesale to brownells et al’ which have none in stock and in the near future. Thus far I haven’t found anywhere to get a +3 extension kit.
    Only Choate +2, but research in this brand seems substandard compared to the NC type.
    Do you know where I can find this item?

  6. Which is the shortest plus 2 Mag extension for the Remington 870? I know that one of the companies makes what is said to be a “1 and a half” extension when used on the Tac-14, is that the Nordic? I am reconfiguring my Tac-14 with a longer barrel and a shorter grip and have to keep the OAL to greater than 26″ to be US legal. Since the barrel is going to be longer, it would be nice to gain an extra round, if only with 2.5″ shells.

  7. Is there a magazine extension compatible with the 870 tactical? The stock magazine tube has rivets on each side that protrude into the tube and prevent shells from passing beyond that point. The only option I’ve been able to come across is to drill out and sand the indents but I’m not very enthusiastic about exposing the inside of my magazine tube to water and other debris. Any suggestions? Thanks for the advice!

  8. Vang comp Spring and follower work much better than the originals. One word

  9. I just installed a Remington +2 extension on a 1980s manufactured 870 Wingmaster. Even with “complications” (see below), installation was intuitive and fast. If you know how to disassemble and re-assemble your 870, you’ve kept it clean, and can use a screwdriver, installation is quick and easy. If not, a nearby child who plays with Legos can probably assist.

    I have no idea what installation would be like on a poorly maintained 870. ;)

    I purchased the extension from a 3rd party seller. It appeared to be an open/returned item. The box said it came pre-assembled, and on-box instructions include walk-thru of taking the assembled pieces apart and then installing. Inside the box were directions to install a different product — weaver rails. (Eyebrow raise #1), the nut was on the tube the wrong direction (eyebrow raise #2), and the screw wasn’t in the bracket.

    It took me about 5-10 minutes to install, including reading all instructions before starting and cleaning parts. Just have clean parts, don’t cross-thread, and it’s hard to mess up.

    If you change barrels so often that undoing 1 Phillips head screw is too much of a hassle, I suggest buying another 870.

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