Olight Baldr Mini – Firearms Flashlight Review

Olight Baldr Mini Flashlight/Laser Combo

If you’re looking for a high-quality, functional flashlight/laser combo for your pistol that won’t break the bank, you need to check out the Olight Baldr Mini. It is packed with features such as wireless recharging, dual white light/laser combo, and a thumb toggle switch. All for significantly less than comparable “big name” accessories. The Baldr Mini is also compatible with most guns in production today, which means that chances are it fits your gun.

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Olight Baldr Pro – Gun Flashlight/Laser Combo Review

Olight Baldr Pro on Remington 870

Do you need a tactical flashlight on your gun? Yes, and you need a reliable one. Think about it; if you don’t have a flashlight, then you can use your gun only part of the day during the daylight. Using a gun at night becomes dangerous. Because as you know from gun safety rules: “Be sure of your target and what is beyond it.” When you hear the sound of broken glass and go checking your house with a gun, you need to be sure and see everything clearly. You may find a burglar who broke in into your house or just your homie who went to the kitchen to drink a glass of water.

The flashlight also becomes important when checking dark places even during the daylight, think about checking a basement, for example. That’s why a tactical flashlight is a must-have upgrade for any home defense weapons. It is more important than any other fancy upgrade.

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Choate Night Manager – Remington 870 Magazine Extension

Choate Night Manager - Remington 870 Magazine Extension

If you own a Remington 11-87, 870, or 1100 shotgun, then you have a new way of adding a flashlight, the Choate Night Manager Magazine Extension. This is a unique type of magazine tube extension for these shotguns because it does more than just increase their shotshell capacity. It also includes an accessory mounting system which lets you adding a laser sight or flashlight to your shotgun too.

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GrovTec Extended Magazine Tube Mount/Clamp for Remington 870

GrovTec Extended Magazine Tube Mount/Clamp for Remington 870

The GrovTec US Mtmx3 is an extended magazine tube mount which is made specifically for the Remington 870 pump-action shotgun. It gives users 3 different methods for mounting their shotgun accessories, such as a sling. The components which come with this product include a Picatinny rail, swivel stud and push button base. The mount is compatible with the factory 12-gauge extended magazine tube of the Remington 870 and provides it with additional security. Not compatible with other magazine extensions like Nordic Components.

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CDM Gear Clamps Review: MOD-C, BMT with 3 slot rail, BMT Jr

CDM Gear MOD-C Flashlight Clamp

I test a lot of products but when I test CDM Gear products, I feel unbelievable aesthetic pleasure from them. This time, I received a bunch of new barrel/magazine/flashlight clamps for the Remington 870. They are also available for other shotguns like the Mossberg 500. The clamps are great as always, the design is perfect, the form is beautiful and the products are full of features. I remember the first time I received the CDM Gear MOD-C flashlight clamp and it was love at first sight. It looked awesome and the form of the barrel/magazine clamp was futuristic and functional. It is still one of the best ways to attach a flashlight to your Remington 870 or just stabilize and protect the extended magazine tube.

Thanks to CDM Gear for clamps for review!

Night shotgun training I participated recently proved them to be the best. I have tested several clamps and flashlights and was impressed by CDM Gear MOD-C Flashlight Clamp again. I have it on my shotgun but this was the first time when I spent several hours working with it and shoot many night drills with flashlight.

There were several other shooters with different flashlight clamps. All I can say is that magnetic clamps are not 100% reliable, there is always a chance of such clamp falling off under recoil. If it won’t fell off under recoil you may hit something with your flashlight and it will fall off anyway.

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Best Shotgun Flashlights – Updated, August 2020

Testing FAB Defense Speedlight Flashlight on CDM Gear MOD-C Clamp on Remington 870

It is extremely important to have flashlight on your shotgun. You can’t shoot if you can’s see a target. I have tested many flashlights and decided to make a new post. This post has information about old flashlights and new ones.

I was surprised that some of the inexpensive flashlights are really good, reliable and bright. I still prefer Fad Defense Speedlight because of its compact size and brightness but you may choose one of the other flashlights.

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5 Bucks Flashlight Clamp for Your Shotgun

Shotgun Flashlight Clamp, Bicycle

Shotgun flashlight clamps are usually made of plastic or aluminum. They cost about $60-80. Magnetic flashlight clamps are little cheaper, about $30-40. But what if I say that you can buy shotgun flashlight clamp for just five bucks? And this is not a joke.

My friend gave me inexpensive Chinese bicycle clamp which is made of strap and plastic. He told me that it can be easily used as shotgun flashlight mount.

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3T Tactical Shotgun Tactical Ultra-Illumination Device (S.T.U.D) Review

3T Tactical Shotgun Tactical Ultra-Illumination Device (S.T.U.D)

Review from Shoten Armory Tactical Support

With over 10,000,000 Remington 870s in use today by proud owners, you will find them set up for hunting, law enforcement, military, home defense and recreation. Inevitably, the subject of illumination will come up among all. So, do we evaluate every single one for its pros and cons or do we finally establish and recognize the fact that tactical really does mean practical?

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