Inforce Weapon Light on Remington 870

Inforce Weapon Light on Remington 870

Manufacture’s Description Specifications
• The Inforce-Mil Led Light is compact and provides a powerful beam that is mounted on the Picatinny rail
• An IR option is available as well
• The light attaches quickly to a Mil-Standard 1913 Picatinny rail for a brilliant light for close and mid-range applications
• The activation switch is rear facing for easy access and can switch between on-momentarily to on-continually, strobe and high/low
• The IR white model has the same LED but with an infrared light option with a 75mw on high and on low offers 25mw

SPECS: Fiber-reinforced hard polymer composite, Black or Desert Sand at 4.1″ (10.4cm) OAL. 1″ (2.5cm) bezel O.D. 3 oz. (85g) wt. uses one CR-123A battery, included.

The Inforce-Mil- Led Light can be used for military tactical weapons, self-defense weapons, or on any weapon where a dependable, easily activated and bright light is needed. The light would be highly effective for a home self-defense weapon because target recognition is extremely important when confronted in your home. You must have the ability to identify your target in low light, or no light at all situations.

Advantages are easy installation, bright light, easy to adjust and operate. The light is securely attached and does not wobble and can take some banging around and still stay securely mounted.

The very bright light on high can be used to blind an adversary temporarily and the strobe feature can be used to confuse/disorientate an intruder. This is extremely important in a personal/home defense situation. The light can be activated and left on or activated for a quick look and it does not stay on.

There can be times where you simply need a quick look around a room to identify any obstacles but do not want the light on constantly so you can avoid detection. The light can be set up for momentary activation without having to click off again. The fewer moves you have to make in a tactical situation will give you the advantage.

Once in the shooting position you can operate the light with limited hands movements. If you are in a stationary shooting position, the fewer distractions you have the better off you are.

You may be waiting for an adversary and want to switch on to blind them without giving away your position before they are in target range.

This item is solid, easy to install and works as advertised and there is no point in trying to “cobble up” a light to fit your home defense weapon. Taping a light to the barrel is never recommended because the tape will dry out and when you need the light of course, the tape will fail.

If you use lights not made to mount, as the Inforce-Mil-Led Weapon Lights is, then you can put yourself or family in a situation more dangerous than it is already in. Fumbling for the light switch means precious time for the intruder to move or fire and you stand the chance of not knowing for sure whether it is a family member making noise or an actual intruder. Always use quality products when your survival depends on it.

Attached to Remington 870 using CDM Gear clamp. Highly recommended!

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