Remington Serial Number Lookup

Remington 870, 700, 1100 Serial/Barrel Number Lookup

Remington Serial/Barrel Number Lookup enables you to check when your Remington firearm was manufactured. Now you can do this automatically using Remington Serial/Barrel Number Lookup. Remington serial numbers located on receiver of your shotgun or rifle. But you need to use two letter code which is located on barrel of your firearm. These two letters can be decoded to find out the date your firearm was manufactured.

Remington 870, 700, 1100 are very popular firearms and it is very easy to find them for sale in shops, on forums and online boards. But when buying used shotgun or rifle, it is better to check when it was manufactured, that is why Remington serial number check was developed.

Remington 700 or 1100 serial numbers can be decoded the same way as Remington 870 serial numbers. This decoder works for all Remington firearms which have two-letter code on their barrel.

Remington Serial/Barrel Number
Remington Serial/Barrel Number

Remington Barrel Code and Serial Number, How to Find Out Manufacture Date

Recorded a small video to show difference between barrel code and serial number on the receiver:

You can always use Remington Serial Number Lookup to find out manufacture date of your Remington firearm.

Check the serial numbers located on the left side of the barrel on your Remington shotgun. They can be decoded to find out when your shotgun or rifle was manufactured. This serial number decoder will translate this information, determining the exact month and year that your specific firearms was created.

Remington 700, 870 or 1100 serial/barrel number lookup will work with Remington 700, 870 or any other Remington shotgun or rifle. It will show you date of manufacture of your firearm. It is very easy to use, it uses information from the Remington company.

Remington 870, 700, 1100 Serial/Barrel Number Lookup

Best Upgrades for Remington 870
Best Upgrades for Remington 870

Remington 870 Serial Number Suffix, Find Out What Shells Can be Used

What letters at the end of the Remington 870 serial number mean?

You can easily find out what shells can be used in your Remington 870. Receiver of a shotgun is marked with letters at the end of the serial number, they determine ejection size.

It is very important to load only the ammo which suits your shotgun. Table of the Remington 870 serial number suffixes enables you easily finding out which ammo can be used.

Remington 870 Serial Number on the BARREL
Remington 870 Serial Number on the BARREL

Remington 870 Serial Number Suffix Meaning


Receiver Serial Number Serial Number Suffix Receiver Frame Size Gauge Ejection
#0000000V V Full size frame 12 gauge 12 2 3/4″ Only
#0000000M M Full size frame 12 gauge 12 2 3/4″ or 3″ Only
#0000000A A Full size frame 12 gauge 12 2 3/4″, 3″, or 3 1/2″
#0000000W W Full size frame 16 gauge 16 2 3/4″ Only
#0000000K K Small frame 20 gauge LW 20 2 3/4″ Only
#0000000K K Small frame 20 gauge LT 20 2 3/4″ Only
#0000000X X Full size frame 20 gauge 20 2 3/4″ Only
#0000000U U Small frame 20 gauge LT-20 20 2 3/4″ or 3″ Only
#0000000N N Full size frame 20 gauge 20 2 3/4″ or 3″ Only
#0000000J J Small frame 28 gauge 28 2 3/4″ Only
#0000000H H Small frame .410 bore .410 2 1/2″ or 3″

*Please note that Remington repeats the alphabet approximately every 26 years, therefore you may see several possible manufacturing dates.

**The first letter on your barrel is the month your firearm was manufactured; the second letter is the year it was manufactured. Information confirming the manufacturing coding used by Remington can be found online.

Decoder is based on following information:
Remington Year of Manufacture Codes maybe found on the barrel of your Remington rifle [or shotgun] on the left side, just forward of the receiver; the first letter of the Code is the month of manufacture, followed by one or two letters which are the year of manufacture. For shotguns with removeable barrels, the code will be valid for the manufacture of the barrel; maybe for the receiver, as barrels do get switched around.

According to the “Blue Book of Gun Values”, the coding continues as follows:

Month Codes: [first letter] B – L – A – C – K – P – O – W – D – E – R – X
1 – 2 – 3 – 4 – 5 – 6 – 7 – 8 – 9 – 10 – 11 – 12

Year:______Code: [second (and third*) letters] 1930_______ Y
1931_______ Z
1932_______ A
1933_______ B
1934_______ C
1935_______ D
1936_______ E
1937_______ F
1938_______ G
1939_______ H

1940_______ J
1941_______ K
1942_______ L
1943_______ MMZ
1944_______ NN
1945_______ PP
1946_______ RR
1947_______ SS
1948_______ TT
1949_______ UU

1950_______ WW
1951_______ XX
1952_______ YY
1953_______ ZZ
1954_______ A
1955_______ B
1956_______ C
1957_______ D
1958_______ E
1959_______ F

1960_______ G
1961_______ H
1962_______ J
1963_______ K
1964_______ L
1965_______ M
1966_______ N
1967_______ P
1968_______ R
1969_______ S

1970_______ T
1971_______ U
1972_______ W
1973_______ X
1974_______ Y
1975_______ Z
1976_______ I
1977_______ O
1978_______ Q
1979_______ V

1980_______ A
1981_______ B
1982_______ C
1983_______ D
1984_______ E
1985_______ F
1986_______ G
1987_______ H
1988_______ I
1989_______ J

1990_______ K
1991_______ L
1992_______ M
1993_______ N
1994_______ O
1995_______ P
1996_______ Q
1997_______ R
1998_______ S
1999_______ T
2000_______ U
2001_______ V
2002_______ W
2003_______ X
2004_______ Y
2005_______ Z

* the years 1943 though 1953 had double letters: ie, MM = 1943

As maybe seen, the year code letters duplicate; some knowledge of when the model was introduced should resolve the actual year of manufacture.

I have contacted Remington and they confirmed that information above is correct.

34 thoughts on “Remington Serial Number Lookup

  • 03.02.2021 at 10:19

    Cant find find what manufacturing year for my Remington 552 Speedmaster
    Sign on barrel say A 87, Could that be March -87?

  • 07.02.2021 at 08:05

    I have an 870 Wingmaster 12 gauge with PM on the barrel(manufactured in 2019). Barrel says 2 3/4 or 3 in. 3 1/2 only with super mag reciever. My reciever serial number ends in an E. Any idea what this signifys?

  • 10.02.2021 at 21:08

    Remington 51 PA 303 what is the year

  • 11.02.2021 at 17:48

    I recently purchase a used 870 Police Magnum 12 ga, with the barrel showing “Made in Turkey”. The receiver, however, is authentic Remington. Should I be concerned that the barrel was not made in the USA?

  • 13.02.2021 at 08:32

    What year model is Remington 700 SN. A6721688 ?

  • 17.02.2021 at 07:15

    I have a Remington Model LH 700 BDL Serial No#: cC6666555 with barrel stamp REP
    I can not find out anything about this excellent rifle….it is a
    very heavy.
    Can anybody help me?

    • 17.02.2021 at 07:18

      The fastest way is to call Remington directly, they have database of serail numbers. But you can also try to find two letters on the barrel (closer to chamber).

      • 24.04.2021 at 11:21

        i have three letters ARH, cant figure out the history

  • 17.02.2021 at 13:21

    REP, usually stamped inside a triangle, is the proof mark located on the right side of the barrel. Look on the other side for the manufacture date code.

  • 19.02.2021 at 17:26

    My 870 Wingmaster (c. 1979) receiver SN ends in “V” meaning 2 3/4″ shells and the original barrel (28″ MOD choke) is stamped as much. I recently purchased a Remington 18.5″ barrel which is stamped 2 3/4″ or 3″ shells.
    Is it safe to fire 3″ shells with this modification?

  • 19.02.2021 at 21:14

    I have an 870 wingmaster. Rep is on the barreling T709218V is on the receiver. No numbers on barrel. Any idea on date made.

  • 22.02.2021 at 02:06

    Due to an issue dating my 870 Wingmaster I did a bunch of research and found a couple issues with the chart that so many people seem to use to date an 870.

    The chart often used seems to be for barrels of general Remington guns (rifles) and often the barrel code on a shotgun can be meaningless due to the ability to change the barrel.

    I discovered this issue back when Remington was still answering emails and I tried to date my 870 but the barrel code wouldn’t work as I discovered the barrel was made by Hastings not Remington (a replacement clearly).

    So the only way to date the gun was by the receiver Serial Number (“T” in my case), which using the standard chart came out with 1970 or 1999 both completely wrong dates based on other things (no flex tab, etc)

    Seems there’s a over looked separate section for specifically for shotguns where “T” (my s/n) comes out as 1974 to 1977 roughly and an email later using the receiver s/n they (Remington) said 1974 or maybe 1975, which fits in with the chart I found.

      • 22.02.2021 at 18:01

        I typed this up from the chart of Receiver Codes I found for the 870 , M/870 & some 1100s.

        Thought you might want to add it to to your blog post.

        870 Date Codes as marked on Receiver

        1950 – 1967 – No Prefix
        1968 – 1973 – “S”
        1974 – 1977 – “T”
        1978 – 1983 – “V”
        1984 – 1989 – “W”
        1990 – “X”
        1991 – 1993 – “A”
        1994 – 1996 – “B”
        1997 – 2000 – “C”
        2001 – “D”
        M/870 Date Codes as marked on Receiver

        1950 – 1967 – No Prefix
        1968 – 1973 – “S”
        1974 – 1977 – “T”
        1978 – 1983 – “V”
        1984 – 1989 – “W”
        1990 – “X”
        1991 – 1993 – “A”
        1994 – 1996 – “B”
        1997 – 2000 – “C”
        2001 – “D”
        2005 – “AB”
        870 Receiver Suffix Letter is Gauge Code

        “V” 12ga – 2 2/4”
        “M” 12ga – 3” Magnum
        “A” 12ga – 3.5” Super Magnum
        “W” 16ga – 2 3/4”
        “X” 20ga – “Heavy Frame” – Discontinued
        “N” 20ga – “Heavy Frame Magnum” – Discontinued
        “K” 20ga – “Light Weight” – Includes “LW” & M/1100 “LT”
        “U” 20ga – “LW Magnum” – Includes M/1100 “LT”

        • 17.04.2021 at 04:52

          Please help me out! My 3 letters are GJY. Cannot find any info on a G prefix followed by JY. Was told that because of the 3 letters and my serial number not starting with a letter ( 771066V) that it is a pre “65. But still confused on the GJY markings. Thank you

  • 22.02.2021 at 14:41

    Great, thank you for confirming. Love the blog/site BTW!

    • 24.02.2021 at 04:31

      .Mine 870 says 819873v any idea what year it is? And possibly RCEP stamped on the barrel

      • 06.03.2021 at 12:07

        Since you have no prefix letter in the serial.- According to the chart above its 1950-1964 and the v at the ends
        Means 2-3/4” shells. See George Webber’s info and go from there.

  • 05.03.2021 at 15:59

    I’m looking at two Remington 870 12 gauge – receiver has. (1.) s/n: A875938M and (2.) s/n D733445M – both are 3″ Express Magnums. What are the years of manufacture? #1 has a modified choke. Thoughts/ comments? Thank you!

  • 21.03.2021 at 11:11

    cant find my 870 serial number .975233 v??

  • 25.03.2021 at 21:17

    I have a 2017 (nearly 100% sure) manufactured remington 870 express with the serial number CC#####A. It does not say super magnum on the gun. Will it take 3.5 inch shells?

  • 28.03.2021 at 12:25

    Hi there, Jeff here.
    Just bought an 870 and the ejection port is on the left side but all the other parts are normal. Is this an oddball? I have never seen one like this before.

  • 12.04.2021 at 20:12

    hey, just bought a rem express 12ga. ser# RS91758U. want year was it made and will it shoot magnum shells? tkxs

  • 17.04.2021 at 04:47

    Please help me out! Mine is stamped GJY. Serial number 771066V. Can’t find any information on a G prefix. Only that if that the serial number starts with a number it is pre- “65.

  • 21.04.2021 at 15:12


  • 24.04.2021 at 11:48

    hello, i recently purchased an 870 wingmaster, the charts are not making sense to me. i have A R H stamped at receiver and my serial number is1210978V. can anyone help me figure out please? thank you in advance


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