Remington updated their line of the Model 870. They added new variant with side folding stock. This tactical shotgun is very compact thanks to the folding stock. This makes Remington 870 easier to transport and store by reducing its overall length by approximately 11″ when folded.

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The Remington Versa Max Competition Tactical shotgun was first introduced in 2010. Remington had been determined to design a shotgun with a state-of-the-art autoloading action system. What they ended up producing was a tactical shotgun with the best performance and reliability that you’ve ever seen. The reason it is called a “competition tactical” shotgun is because it is suitable for both personal defense purposes and competition purposes. This gives you the convenience of being able to take the shotgun that you use for home defense and bring it to a sporting competition or shooting range for recreational purposes.

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Had a chance to try the Remington Versa Max Competition Tactical. Awesome shotgun with many interesting features. I will have a complete review soon, but at the moment, you can watch a small dynamic teaser video:

By GrevB, NnF000

We can call this a “Tactical Build” or a “Home Defense Build” or maybe just “Building a REM870, 20-ga… My Way” !

Please Note that I am not going to tell you how to disassemble or assemble your Shotgun, I leave that to people on this Site that know a lot more than I do about the Remington 870 Express. I will call out the parts and part numbers (P/N:) where I known, and give a short review.

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Black Friday will be on Friday, 25th November 2016. I really like sales and big discounts. What can be better than purchasing something with 50%, 60% or even 70% off? :) What can be better than buying $129 jacket for $30 or $200 firearm accessory for $80? Or buying a gun with big discount? We all love good deals and discounts that is why I decided to create a list with the best gun, firearms accessories and tactical clothing/footwear deals.

Black Friday is finally here!

Last year, Black Friday was the biggest day ever for gun sales and I think this time will be the same situation. The more responsible gun owners will be the better.

There are many websites which sell guns, accessories, upgrades, parts and tactical clothing, boots, accessories. But it would take too much time to check them all. Items with good discounts are sold out fast, so it is better to have a list of the best deals and discounts.

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The Mesa Tactical Magazine/Barrel Clamp for tactical shotguns is a two-piece clamp made of 6061-T6 aluminum which is lightweight and sturdy. The Mil-spec Type 3 hardcoat is anodized to withstand hard use.

So, what is the purpose of the barrel/magazine clamp? It holds the magazine extension more securely to protect it from damage in case of bumps. Hits are very common when you actually use your shotgun for hunting, training or home defense. Just remember that if you hit something with your magazine extension and it brakes, then the spring, follower and all the ammo will just fall out of the magazine tube. If the magazine tube nut stays in place, then you will be able to put your shotgun loading rounds into a chamber. But if the magazine extension and magazine tube are broken, the barrel will not stay in place while making the shotgun useless.

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