Remington updated their line of the Model 870. They added new variant with side folding stock. This tactical shotgun is very compact thanks to the folding stock. This makes Remington 870 easier to transport and store by reducing its overall length by approximately 11″ when folded.

The new Remington 870 side folder has forend of the new design and some other very interesting features:

Tapco AK Pattern SAW grip
6+1 Magazine capacity
Positive hand stops on the forend
Forend hand strap is included
Threaded in front sight bead
18.5″ Remchoke barrel
Right Side folding Stock – For portability and storage

Remington 870 Side Folder
Remington 870 Side Folder

Soft touch cheekpiece – Adjustable depending on sight heights

M-Lok compatible forend – To attach a light or other accessories

AK Pattern pistol Grip – For comfort and configurability

Remington 870 Side Folder
Remington 870 Side Folder

Drilled and Tapped Receiver – For easy optics mounting

QD cup attachment points – For easy QD Cup installation

Supercell recoil pad – Works with adjustable LOP kit

Remington 870 Side Folder
Remington 870 Side Folder

Extremely strong to exceed LE requirements – Built for hard use

Folds to compact size – Easy to store or pack

Remchoke threaded muzzle – Choose the choke for your application


  1. Is the Rem 870 folding stock available as an upgrade for a year-old Rem 870 Express tactical?

  2. Richard Ochoa

    No thanks! I’ll just keep my old 870 12 Gage with a Normal wood stock I bought New in 1959, which is still in Excellent Condition!

    1. As a newer owner of an 870, I say “Good for You Richard”.
      An older Remington is far better than a new one.
      59, how cool….I wouldn’t change a thing on it either.
      That’s when I was born, a time before pride in craftsmanship, and worker quality output went downhill.
      I wish I had one like you.

      1. Richard Ochoa

        Yeah Russ, just like most everything else made today! Back then, Pride & Craftsmanship were priority! Today, all businesses think about is: $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$. Same with new cars, A lot of metal has been replaced with plastic! I personally would not buy any gun with a Synthetic Stock either. To me they simply cheapen any Rifle or shotgun. Always keep my shotgun & others in their case also. I was just 19 when I bought my Remington 870 in L.A., Calif. Anyone could buy a gun then with no questions asked as long as you were 18 or older!

      2. Mike Briggs- Washougal, WA

        Russ, I bought mine brand new, 870 Wingmaster, 12 ga, ventilated barrel 28″, in 1967. I paid $125.00 for it retail. I still have it and it shoots just fine.

        I also inherited an earlier Model 870, 12 GA, from my older uncle who passed away. It’s in excellent shape.

        1. I paid $365.00 for my 870 Express blk. sin. 7 +1, back in 2008, the day after Obama became president.
          Having many Remington rifles in my family as a child, I trusted their quality and hastefully bought mine.
          I purchased mainly for Home Defense, but realized it’s versatility for my first firearm purchase.
          My 870 is now fitted with an ATI pistol grip adjustable butt-stock, and a magpul forend.
          I put about a thousand rounds through it, and began to have failure to feed problems.
          After thorough disassembly and inspection, I found one side of my Action Bar had a chip out of the ramp that catches the Shell Stop. EUREKA! – I found the problem and replaced the action bar. It took long to find this problem, and only because I found this detailed video on how the 870 works;
          But….to no avail…it still FTF occasionally.
          Now, the next step will be to replace the left side Shell Stop…What a hassle.
          If I had to do it all over, I would have purchased an Old Beater 870, while I saved for a KSG 12/30.5 24+1

          Mike, you could use this relatively inexpensive option, to create an ergonomic HD weapon, out of one of the old Remingtons you own, and always retain the ability to change it back to original form.
          Check this out;
          Next I’ll haveto replace the shell stop

        2. Danny Purselley

          Well good for all of you guys that bought and have those old shotguns. It is good you kept them. But don’t think you are the only ones with older shotguns that don’t to add to their collection. Especially a folding gun. Just say you have what you want and be done with it. If you want to brag then brag. But many people like the new models and the old. Lets see, were those older shotguns Magnum? I don’t know because i did not buy one when i was 16 years old. I bought a rifle for my first gun.

          1. Hey Danny, nobody is arguing or bragging here.
            I’m pretty sure most firearm enthusiast enjoy the majority of what’s out there . (I know I do).

  3. Mike Briggs

    Is this gun in the market now? What is the suggested retail price?

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