What is Tritium night sight?

If you are someone who wants to have better shooting sight with your shotgun at nighttime, then Tritium night sights are what you’ll want to install onto it. These particular sights have the ability to illuminate on their own by relying on a small amount of tritium gas that glows. This glowing gas creates a bright dot which you can see in dark or dim areas. The tritium gas should be able to last you for 10-12 years before you have to replace it. Tritium night sights are the opposite of fiber optic sights, which are helpful for aiming in the daylight. The night sight can replace the current front sight of your weapon and give it a focusing ability that it didn’t have before.

One of the biggest benefits of having a tritium night sight for your shotgun is that you don’t have to use batteries with it. This will save you a lot of money if you frequently go shooting at night. Other kinds of sights, like red dot sights, cost people a lot of money each year in batteries alone. Plus, they need to be switched on when you want to use them and the tritium night sights glow all the time. Tritium night sights do not require any light exposure and their exterior is durable enough to sustain many harsh environmental conditions. Most of the tritium night sights are made in the United States by American gun parts manufacturers. So, you can be sure you’re getting the very best sight possible.

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UltimateGuns posted very nice pics of the home defense build on the Remington 870 Forum:

“Here’s an Ultimate 870HD build I did for a customer. It started life as an 870 Tactical, but I upgraded basically everything. I installed our Ultimate Reliability Kit, which includes the non-MIM extractor from the 870 Police model, the upgraded carrier dog spring, and a Vang Comp follower. I also added the 870P sear spring to reduce the chance of a negligent discharge. I added a Vang Comp Big Dome safety. Next, I polished the action bars and coated them with Cerakote’s MicroSlick, so it cycles like butter. I also added MicroSlick to the bolt. Next, I installed a Nordic Components magazine spring. I finished it in black Cerakote. I also installed a XS Big Dot tritium bead night sight, and a Mesa Tactical aluminum shell carrier. After the pics were taken, I added an Elzetta Alpha flashlight…315 lumens and only 3.4 ounces. Furniture is from Magpul. It came out pretty well.

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Remington 870 shotgun owners depend on having quality sights on their barrels. For the Remington 870, you will want to get Tritium sights for your weapon. These particular sights glow in the dark which makes them perfect for all kinds of outdoor environments where you might have limited lighting. These sights are also very sturdy and made of the highest quality material. Ameriglo sights are also neat glow in the dark sights which come in a variety of colors such as yellow and green. So if you are a nighttime hunter, then these glow in the dark sights will be right up your alley. Just be careful what you are shooting at because this glow does not cast a light like a flashlight does. You will still have to be able to see your target. These sights just make sure you know which direction your barrel is pointed at when you aim in the dark.

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Tritium sights basically provide green or yellow sight lights on your shotgun that glow in the dark. They have been nicknamed “night sights” for this reason and get installed on the rear or front of your shotgun. Tritium is described as a radioactive isotope of hydrogen. The sights use tiny vials of tritium that are responsible for emitting its soft green glow. If you are in an area with low lighting or darkness then the tritium sights will allow you to see where you’re aiming.

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