Tritium sights are bright during the nigh but not during the day. Fiber optic (light gathering) sights are very bright during the day but canno be seen in the night.

TruGlo Company made sight which combines both fiber optic and Tritium elements. Very interesting sight for tactical or home defense shotguns.

The Truglo Brite-Site Shotgun Sight contains the revolutionary technology of fiber optics and tritium to give users an advantage at aiming at their target in dark or light places. The fiber optic rod is what gives you the ability to accurately point your weapon at the intended target during the day. The tritium is a special “glow-in-the-dark” gas which illuminates brightly. You can see this gas in low light conditions, especially in dimly lit or dark places. If you are someone who needs to shoot at nighttime or in places without adequate lighting, then you will want to add this sight technology to your shotgun.

TRUGLO TFO Tactical Universal Shotgun Front Sight

TRUGLO TFO Tactical Universal Shotgun Front Sight

The Truglo Brite-Site Shotgun Sight can easily be seen by the shooter. The green dot has a diameter of 3/16”, so it will be easy to quickly aim your weapon and find your target. The tritium rod is protected inside of a cage which wraps around it. There is also a heavy-duty aluminum base under it which was machined with precision. These features will reduce the chances of the sight getting caught on something or damaged. If you normally walk in the woods or in any confined area with objects all around you, then you will want your sight to be protected in this way.

Sight installation requires gunsmithing

To install the Truglo Brite-Site Shotgun Sight, it needs to be mounted and screwed onto the barrel of the shotgun. This requires drilling and tapping. There are two 6-48 tpi screws included with the shotgun sight for this very purpose. These screws are designed to tightly secure the sight to the barrel so that it can withstand heavy recoil and impact. But to add even more protection to the sight, it has been anodized with a durable protective layer. This means if you drop your weapon or accidentally bump it into other hard objects, your sight should remain fine.

TRUGLO TFO Tactical Universal Shotgun Front Sight

TRUGLO TFO Tactical Universal Shotgun Front Sight

The Truglo Brite-Site Shotgun Sight is compatible with most types of shotguns, except those which contain ventilated rib barrels. You will not be able to mount this sight onto those barrels. As for all other barrels, an amateur might still have a tough time with the mounting and installation process. The drilling and tapping involved may require the skills of a professional gunsmith or experienced gun user. That is why if you are someone who is new to weapon upgrades or modifications, you should take your sight and shotgun to a local gunsmith and have them mount it for you. Then you can be sure it is done right.

-Bright during the night
-Bright during the day

-Requires gunsmithing

Very interesting sight which is highly recommended!

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TruGlo Brite-Site with Tritium/Fiber Optic

TruGlo Brite-Site with Tritium/Fiber Optic

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