Mesa Tactical Magazine/Barrel Clamp for Tactical Shotguns Review

The Mesa Tactical Magazine/Barrel Clamp for tactical shotguns is a two-piece clamp made of 6061-T6 aluminum which is lightweight and sturdy. The Mil-spec Type 3 hardcoat is anodized to withstand hard use.

So, what is the purpose of the barrel/magazine clamp? It holds the magazine extension more securely to protect it from damage in case of bumps. Hits are very common when you actually use your shotgun for hunting, training or home defense. Just remember that if you hit something with your magazine extension and it brakes, then the spring, follower and all the ammo will just fall out of the magazine tube. If the magazine tube nut stays in place, then you will be able to put your shotgun loading rounds into a chamber. But if the magazine extension and magazine tube are broken, the barrel will not stay in place while making the shotgun useless.

Mesa Tactical Barrel/Magazine Clamp
Mesa Tactical Barrel/Magazine Clamp

This clamp fits the 12-gauge Remington 870/1100/11-87 and Benelli M1/M2/M4/M1014. It is lightweight and holds the magazine tube and barrel securely. It is also possible to buy a Picatinny rail to attach accessories like flashlights, lasers or sling attachments.

Another good feature of the Mesa Tactical Magazine/Barrel Clamp is that it accepts quick release sling swivels on both sides.

Steel threaded inserts make the clamp more durable. Many clamps just have threads that are made in the aluminum body of the clamp. This threading usually gets ripped out over time. So, this is a very good feature and huge advantage of the Mesa Tactical magazine/barrel clamp for the Remington 870.

Mesa Tactical Barrel/Magazine Clamp
Mesa Tactical Barrel/Magazine Clamp

Another advantage is that the Mesa Tactical provides a wrench and spare mounting bolt. So, you can install it without looking for additional tools. Installation is very easy and takes just several minutes.

The Mesa Tactical Magazine/Barrel Clamp looks great on a shotgun. It is low profile and has matte black finish. It even stays in place under recoil. But there are no anti-scratch pads included like with the
CDM Gear clamp. I recommend getting those pads for any clamp you may purchase.

This magazine/barrel clamp isn’t cheap, but it’s a top quality and durable product which is well worth the price.

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