Remington 870 for Practical Shooting (IPSC, 3-Gun) – Modifications to Improve Reliabliliy, Feeding, Extraction and Ejection

Remington 870 for Practical Shooting (IPSC, 3-Gun) – Modifications to Improve Reliabliliy, Feeding, Extraction and Ejection

As you know, I have a new Remington 870 Combo and fired about 11000 (update: more than 46000 on three shotguns already) rounds through it during this year. I use it for practical shooting (IPSC) which means that I need extremely reliable and fast shotgun. Each tenth of a second means a lot!

So, let me start my story about the Remington 870 “Practical”.

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Load-4 (Load-Quad) Belts (Rigs, Platforms) for 3-Gun and Practical Shooting (IPSC, USPSA), UPDATED 2020

King Competition Products Quad-Load Holders

This is the first article about load-4 rigs for Practical Shooting (IPSC, 3-Gun, USPSA). It is going to be interesting for competitive shooters.

I asked owners or people close to the companies to tell about their products. Let’s start with 3 popular dual and quad loading platforms: King Competition Products, EZload and Z-Gun. I have sent requests to Invictus and Safariland, waiting for their answers.

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Practical Shotgun Shooting (IPSC) for Beginners, Part 3 (Types of Targets and Stages)

IPSC Paper Target

The third article of the “Practical Shotgun Shooting for Beginners” series. Thanks for your great feedback and comments about the previous articles.

You can read the previous articles here:
Practical Shotgun Shooting (IPSC) for Beginners, Part 2 (Upgrades, Ammo Belts, Equipment)
Practical Shotgun Shooting (IPSC) for Beginners, Part 1 (Divisions, Ready Conditions, Basic Upgrades)

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Le « shotgun IPSC » pour les nuls ! 3ème article : Les différentes cibles et les types de parcours.

IPSC Paper Target

Tout d’abord, « merci ! » pour les nombreux retours positifs sur les 2 précédents articles. Ci-joint je vous redonne les liens pour y accéder directement:
1er article : Divisions, conditions de départ, améliorations/modifications matériels.
2ème article : Améliorations/customisation, ceinture et équipements

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Benelli M2 Shotgun Upgrades, Accessories and Modifications for 3-Gun and Practical Shooting

Nordic Components Extended Bolt Release

Readers of the blog know that I like to often participate in dynamic/practical shotgun shooting competitions (they have different names such as the International Practical Shooting Confederation, United States Practical Shooting Association, 3-Gun Nation, International Defense Pistol Association, etc).

Such competitions are the best way to check your skills under stress. You need to move fast from one shooting position to another, load your shotgun quickly and shoot from various positions at different targets at a variety of distances with all types of common shotgun ammunition: birdshot, buckshot, and slugs.

The most popular dynamic shooting sport in the USA is 3-Gun Nation. That is why I often receive questions about semi-auto shotguns because they are mostly used in 3-Gun.

What is 3-Gun competition?

There are many types of shooting competitions out there for gun enthusiasts to take part in. But one particular competition that is getting a lot of attention is the 3-gun competition. This is where competitors have to use 3 different types of firearms such as a rifle, shotgun, and pistol. The average shooter is usually pretty good with one particular firearm but not so good with the others. This makes 3-gun a real challenge because it tests their skills with all three firearms and it requires different skill sets in order to win the competition.

Why Benelli M2?

Most of the shooters in this sport use Benelli M2 or Beretta 1301 Competition shotguns. Beretta 1301 comes with an oversized safety, bolt handle and bolt release button from the factory. The Benelli M2 shotgun can be enhanced with aftermarket parts.

My friends who use semi-auto shotguns are fans of the Benelli M2. That is why this post will be about the Benelli M2 shotgun upgrades, accessories, and modifications for 3-Gun and practical shooting.

Special thanks to my friends: Igor, Oleg, Maxim, Oleg and Patrick for help :)

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