Tout d’abord, « merci ! » pour les nombreux retours positifs sur les 2 précédents articles. Ci-joint je vous redonne les liens pour y accéder directement:
1er article : Divisions, conditions de départ, améliorations/modifications matériels.
2ème article : Améliorations/customisation, ceinture et équipements

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The 3rd Shotgun World Shoot will be held in France in the year 2018. My friend Norbert Papon from France asked me a lot of questions because interest to shotguns grows in France. They are certainly experienced shooters when it comes to rifles and handguns, but shotguns are something new to them. That is why I decided to write a series of articles about shotguns in IPSC.

First of all, I think that shotgun shooting matches are the most fun and the most spectacular competitions around. Targets on birdshot stages are usually very close, the shots are very powerful and you can see clouds of dust and metal plates traveling long distances through the air. It is fun to shoot such powerful firearms.

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I have seen a lot of discussions about the use of the Knoxx recoil suppression stock in IPSC competitions. Some shooters believe that it is prohibited under this rule:

22. External modifications such as weights, or devices to control or reduce recoil are specifically not allowed, except for recoil pads fitted to the rear face of the stock of the shotgun.

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