Here is list of 20 things to upgrade in your Remington 870 to create an ultimate home-defense shotgun:

1. Safety button.

Install oversized safety to be able to quickly disengage it under stress.


More information: Remington 870 Safety Buttons Review

2. Follower.

Replace it with a more reliable one.

Remington 870 Followers Overview

More information: Remington 870 Followers Overview

3. Magazine extension.

Adds space in magazine for more rounds.

Remington 870 Magazine Extensions

More information: Magazine Extensions for Remington 870

4. Stock.

Magpul Stock for Remington 870
Install recoil-reducing or short LOP stock.

More information: 5 Best Aftermarket Stocks for Remington 870

5. Forend.

Choose a shorter one, so you can install side-saddle. Aftermarket forends have additional features like rails for flashlights.

Surefire Remington 870

More information: Best Forends for Remington 870

6. Side-saddle.

Allows you to have additional shells on your shotgun.

Remington 870 Mesa Tactical 6 Shot Sidesaddle

Remington 870 Mesa Tactical 6 Shot Sidesaddle

More information: Overview of the Sidesaddles for Shotguns

7. Barrel.

Barrel, 18", Police w/Rifle Sights, Parkerized, Imp Cyl

Barrel, 18″, Police w/Rifle Sights, Parkerized, Imp Cyl

Get a shorter one to make your shotgun more compact.

More information: Remington 870 Barrels

8. Finish.

Duracoat, Cerakote or Gunkote your shotgun to protect it from rust.

Painted Shotgun

More information: Painting Remington 870 Shotgun with Gun Kote

9. Sling adapter.

Enables you to have a sling on your shotgun.

GG&G Sling Mount

More information: GG&G Shotgun Sling Mount Review

10. Sling.

Choose a one-point, two-point or three-point sling for your shotgun to be able to make transitions to a secondary weapon or carry it in different positions.

Remington 870 Sling

More information: Cheap Sling for Remington 870

11. Extractor.

Remington 870 Extractor

Replace it with a non-MIM one which is more durable.

More information: MIM and non-MIM Extractor for Remington 870 Shotgun

12. Barrel shroud.

Barrel Shroud for Remington 870

Barrel Shroud for Remington 870

Protects your fingers from the heat.

More information: Remington 870 Shotgun Heat Shields

13. Barrel/Magazine extension clamp.

Barrel/Magazine Clamp

Choose a reliable clamp which will protect your magazine extension.

More information: Remington 870 CDM Gear BMT Clamp with 3 Slot Rail Review

14. Light.

Remington 870 with Flashlight

Install a clamp with a flashlight or Surefire forend to be able to identify your target in the dark.

More information: Review of 3 Tactical Flashlights for Your Shotgun

15. Sights.

Remington 870 with Tritium Sight

Ghost ring, rifle sights, tritium or light-gathering? You choose.

More information: XS Remington 870 Pedestal Big Dot Tritium Sight

16. Metal Police trigger assembly.

Police Trigger Plate Assembly

There is no much difference between Express and Police trigger assemblies but if you want it you can get it.

More information: Remington 870 – Trigger Plate Assembly, Police, Metal, Parkerized

17. Picatinny rail.

Picatinny Rail on Remington 870

Install it if you want to have additional accessories on your Remington 870.

More information: Drilling and Tapping Remington 870 Receiver to Install Rail (or Ghost Ring Sights)

17. Holographic sight.

Remington 870 with Holographic Sight

Allows easier and faster aiming.

More information: Holographic Weapon Sight and Shotgun

18. Laser sight.

Laser/Flashlight on Remington 870

If SWAT use them, why you can’t?

More information: Streamlight TLR-2 Flashlight/Laser on Remington 870 Review

19. Second side-saddle.

Add it on the right side and carry even more shells on your shotgun.


20. Tactical Extended Rem Choke.

Remington 870 Tactical