The Magpul MS2 Gen3 Sling is a useful upgrade for owners of shotguns or rifles. If you currently carry your shotgun or rifle with your hands while out hunting or target shooting, then you’re going to exhaust more of your energy. A handy sling like this one will keep your weapon securely next to your body while letting you remain hands-free. Just remember that it is a bad idea to have a sling on your home defense gun.

Magpul MS2 Gen 3 Sling Review

Magpul MS2 Gen 3 Sling Review

The versatile design of this sling was meant for more than just carrying your weapon. The swivel and attachment features of the sling will give you the maneuverability and stability options that you would want to have in a tactical situation. At the same time, you will have superb durability and flexibility with the weapon because of the locking hardware that helps you control your weapon better in tense environments. Those who want more maneuverability can go with the one-point clip attachment and those who want more stability can use the two-point clip attachment. It is very quick to switch from one-point to two-point, and vice versa.

Knoxx SpecOps Stock Gen III for Remington 870 - Forend

Knoxx SpecOps Stock Gen III for Remington 870 – Forend

The Magpul MS2 Gen3 sling is made of 100% nylon material. This is lightweight material that won’t add any additional weight to your weapon. At the same time, it will remain durable as you take it through tough environmental conditions, whether it’s bad weather or a tactical danger zone. The webbed nylon is also wear resistant and made to be comfortable due to its anti-chafing properties. This means you will never have to worry about getting red sores on your skin after having the sling rubbing up against your body for long periods of time. But if you ever find the sling is too tight against your body while you have a two-sling attachment set, there is an adjustment slider that you can use to remove some of this tension and make yourself more comfortable. You only need to use one hand to perform this action too.

Knoxx SpecOps Stock Gen III for Remington 870 - Stock

Knoxx SpecOps Stock Gen III for Remington 870 – Stock

The price of the Magpul MS2 Gen 3 sling is between $47 and $50 on most websites. The standard color is black but you can also find them in other colors like coyote brown, ranger green, and gray. Each sling already includes “Symmetrical Paraclips” which you can easily use to shackle the sling to your rifle. Inside each Paraclip there is an optional lock bar in case you want to keep the lever closed securely.