After long tests, I can tell you that Volquartsen Remington 870/1100 Exact Edge Extractor is a very good alternative to Remington 870 non-MIM extractor.

Volquartsen Remington 870 Exact Edge Extractor
Volquartsen Remington 870 Exact Edge Extractor

A big reason why this extractor is the preferred one amongst Remington 870/1100 owners is because electrical discharge machining was used to create the extractor rather than the inferior metal injection modeling. Electrical discharge machining, or EDM, creates solid A2 tool steel extractors which greatly reduce the chances of having any extraction problems after firing the weapon. Metal injection modeling, or MIM, is an older process in creating extractors which have been known to cause extraction problems in Remington shotguns after using them for a very short period. The Exact Edge Extractor also has polished edges which assist in the extraction process as well. If you were to compare the edges of the EDM and MIM processed extractors then you would definitely see the difference in quality and design.

If you have an existing Remington 870 with an MIM processed extractor then it is easy to replace it with the EDM processed Exact Edge Extractor. Just check to make sure your existing extractor is MIM-extractor because this is the specific part that the Exact Edge Extractor was made to replace in a standard Remington 870.

It works as good as non-MIM extractor and way better than standard MIM extractor. Standard MIM extractor often causes fail to extract problem. Replacing MIM extractor with Non-MIM extractor often solves this problem.

Volquartsen Remington 870/1100 Exact Edge Extractor is priced little higher (about $23.99) than non-MIM extractor ($17.99) but it’s well worth the price.

It looks rock-solid and going to withstand a hard use and thousands of rounsd. All edges of the Volquartsen extractor are polished for smooth work.

Volquartsen Remington 870 Exact Edge Extractor
Volquartsen Remington 870 Exact Edge Extractor
Volquartsen Remington 870 Exact Edge Extractor
Volquartsen Remington 870 Exact Edge Extractor

According to the manufacturer, the Volquartsen Exact Edge Extractor is hardened enough to endure years of consistent use without showing signs of wear. It is primarily made for the Remington 870 but it is also compatible with the Remington 1100 as well. The extractor retails for $24. This is a very affordable investment you can make to maintain the quality of your Remington 870’s performance. If you are someone who usually fires a lot of rounds of ammunition then having the Exact Edge Extractor will be essential for you. This includes people who are hunters or simply like to go target shooting with their Remington 870. But even if you just have your shotgun just for protection, the $24 investment into an extractor will ensure you can fire your rounds quickly when facing a critical moment that calls for it.

Volquartsen Remington 870 Exact Edge Extractor Installation Video:

If you have non-MIM extractor, then you don’t need to replace it. It is as good as Volquartsen Exact Edge Extractor.

Highly recommended upgrade for any Remington 870/1100 shtogun! Please note that Remington 870 Police has more reliable non-MIM extractor installed from the factory.

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Volquartsen Remington 870 Exact Edge Extractor
Volquartsen Remington 870 Exact Edge Extractor
Get Volquartsen Remington 870 Exact Edge Extractor

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  1. rbockman

    I’ve had an extraction problem with my 870 Express for years. Bought the Volquartsen Exact Edge Extractor Remington 870 from MidwayUSA. Easy install, fit perfectly. Now I just hope this is the fix.

  2. I just purchased a Exact Edge Extractor for my 870; and discovered that the Volquartsen is NOT the same thickness as the OEM, it is thinner. I have not measured it but intend to do so. I will keep it and have installed it for test purposes. I will let you know if there are any issues, but the lateral “play” in the extractor is suspect. All other dimensions seem to be ok.

  3. Installed the Volquartsen extractor and that thing is solid. I have run 20 or 30 shells through the gun with no issues. The extractor itself is very high quality and the feel of it in comparison to the stock extractor is unparalleled. The Volquartsen is polished and very slick, it has no burrs or raised spots. You can tell that there has been a lot of attention to detail in the manufacturing process of this part.

  4. looking for complete extractor kit for 870 pump action shotgun any help would be much appreciated cheers Nik

    cheers nik

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