The Remington 870 is an adored pump-action shotgun that is used by hunters, police officers, target shooters, competitive shooters, and military officers. But like any good weapon, it needs to have a suitable safety button that someone can switch on and off in a moment’s notice. You don’t want to have the risk of not being able to push the button fast enough when you’re in a hurry or desperate situation. The factory safety button that comes with the Remington 870 is a perfect example of this. A lot of owners claim this factory safety button is too small for their fingers, which causes them to waste precious time by having to bring the button close to them and push down hard on it. If you’re in a combat situation or need to shoot something quickly, you must be able to keep your hand on the handle while disengaging the safety at the same time. This can be done with your thumb if the safety button on the weapon is big enough.

All of the available oversized safety buttons are made for right-handed shooters only, check following article if you are left-handed: Left Hand Safety for Remington 870

Tip: Add some oil on the new safety button for smoother work when replacing factory safety button.

An oversized safety button for the Remington 870 is an important upgrade for virtually all owners of the weapon. The enormous size of the button makes it easy to slide your thumb onto it and push down without any problems. This will increase your reaction time considerably when forced to act quickly. And don’t worry if you’re not an expert at performing shotgun upgrades because the installation process of the oversized safety button is simple and easy to do. You just have to perform a drop-in installation which can be learned by following the simple instructions that come with the button that you purchase.

The choice of upgrading your factory safety button to an oversized safety button is an easy one to make. The hard choice will be choosing which particular oversized safety button to use in your Remington 870. The top three most preferred buttons include the Wilson Combat Jumbo Head Safety, the Vang Oversized Safety, and the S&J Hardware Jumbo Safety. They each have their own unique qualities to them but overall, they serve the same purpose and are a definite improvement over the factory safety button. The price you can expect to pay for any of these buttons is around $18 so they are definitely affordable for the average Remington 870 owner.

A lot of shotgun owners prefer to replace the standard factory Remington 870 safety because it is rather small and in a stress (combat, self-defense) situation it maybe difficult to quickly disengage it. Some people like it as it is.

This is updated post about Remington 870 safety and alternatives. I have tested most of the Remington safety buttons available on the market and want to share my experience with you. Oversized or Jumbo safety is a must have upgrade for any home defense or tactical shotguns. It is much easier to disengage big safety especially when wearing gloves.

Remington 870 Safety and Alternatives (Wilson Combat (Scattergun Technologies), S&J Hardware, Vang

Remington 870 Safety and Alternatives (Wilson Combat (Scattergun Technologies), S&J Hardware, Vang

Best Remington 870 Safety Buttons

Sight Rating Price Buy Online
Wilson Combat Dome Our Choice $14.99 Brownells
Wilson Combat Jumbo Head New! $17.99 Brownells
Vang Comp Systems   $16.99 Brownells
S&J Hardware $19.99  

Factory Remington 870 Safety

Remington 870 Factory Safety

Remington 870 Factory Safety

Standard Remington 870 safety which works properly but too small to be quickly disengaged in stress (combat, self-defense, sport) situations. This safety button has a red stripe which is visible when safety is disengaged.

Wilson Combat (Scattergun Technologies) Remington 870/100/1187 Jumbo Head Safety

Wilson Combat (Scattergun Technologies) Safety

Wilson Combat (Scattergun Technologies) Safety

The Wilson Combat Jumbo Head Safety by Scattergun Technologies is compatible with the Remington 870 pump-action shotgun as well as the Remington 1100 and Remington 11-87. This jumbo head safety button was designed with a blue finish and allows users to quickly disengage their safety so they can let off a quick shot when they need to. The Jumbo Head Safety can be engaged or disengaged very smoothly to the touch. That is why so many owners of the Remington 870 prefer this safety button over all others.

The Wilson Combat Jumbo Head Safety can be purchased at several sporting goods stores, like, for $17.95. This is a very affordable investment to make for an upgrade to your Remington 870. Whether you are a recreational hunter or soldier going into combat, the Wilson Combat Jumbo Head Safety will ensure that you can react quickly when your target presents itself. You don’t even need to be an expert with guns to understand the simple installation process that was just outlined. Most people can perform the installation within minutes. Despite its big size for a safety button, the Jumbo Head Safety only weighs 0.3 ounces so it will not alter the weight of your shotgun in the least. All you will feel are the benefits of the Jumbo Head Safety when you experience how easy it is to just slide your thumb onto the button and disengage it without looking for it.

Very good safety button for Remington 870. Works great and can be easily disengaged. It doesn’t stick out much and big enough to be quickly disengaged. The quality of this safety button is very good.

This is the only one oversized safety which can be used with Knoxx recoil reducing stocks.

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Scattergun Wilson Safety for Remington 870

Scattergun Wilson Safety for Remington 870

Get Scattergun Wilson Safety for Remington 870 on Brownells

Wilson Combat (Scattergun Technologies) Dome Head Safety Blued

New safety button which is extremely good and comfortable to use. It has perfect size and enables shooter to make shotgun ready as fast as possible. I like it even more than the old version from Wilson Combat. Perfect choice for tactical or home defense shotgun.

Wilson Combat Remington 870/1100/11-87 Dome Head Safety

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Wilson Dome Safety for Remington 870 Get Wilson Dome Safety for Remington 870 on Brownells

Vang Oversized Safety

Vang Oversized Safety

Vang Oversized Safety

The Vang Oversized Safety is a large safety button for the Remington 870 pump-action shotgun. It is also compatible with the Remington 1100 and Remington 11-87 shotguns too. The Vang Oversized Safety button is unique in that it is shaped like a dome on the top where you press it. The dome shape is large enough for your thumb to fit on it and press down. This comes in handy when you’re in a situation where you must make a quick decision to shoot something.

You can keep your hand on a stock and just slide your trigger finger over to the side to disengage the safety. This is much easier to use than the factory safety button that comes with the Remington 870. The factory safety is rather small and much harder to find down in an emergency situation. That is why so many owners of the Remington 870 have decided to upgrade their factory safety button with the Vang Oversized Safety. On top of that, the Vang Oversized Safety is made of steel and polished with a blue finish. This ensures its durability and reliability in virtually any environmental conditions.

Another benefit to the large round dome shape of the Vang Oversized Safety is that it won’t snag your gun case liner or clothing. The factory safety on the Remington 870 may be circular but it is as flat as a pancake. This makes your gun case liner and clothing more vulnerable to getting caught in it. And if you need one more reason to go with the Vang Oversized Safety, how about the fact that it has a drop-in installation that can be performed in a matter of minutes. The Oversized Safety button comes with simple installation instructions that anyone can understand.

The cost of the Vang Oversized Safety is $11.99. It is made in the United States so you can be sure that you’ll get the highest quality possible out of it. But you must hurry because these oversized safety buttons sell quickly and they are one of the most popular upgrades for the Remington 870 that are available on the market today.

Vang Comp Systems is a good safety and I have heard positive feedback about it from many shooters.

There are two issues which can stop you from buying this safety button:
1. Sticks out too far.
3. Cannot be installed with Knoxx recoil reducing stocks.

Other than that, it is good and tested by many Remington 870 owners.

Recommended Product:
vang oversized speed safety remingto 870 Get Vang Oversized Safety Button on Brownells

S&J Hardware Jumbo Safety

S&J Hardware Jumbo Safety

S&J Hardware Jumbo Safety

The S&J Hardware Jumbo Safety for the Remington 870 shotgun is one of the best upgrades to make on your weapon for a variety of reasons. S&J Hardware Jumbo Safety fits many versions of the Remington 870 besides just the Express. This means people from all walks of life can enjoy this jumbo safety button, such as hunters, target shooters, competitive shooters, military officers, and law enforcement officers.

Factory safety button is more difficult to disengage. That is why this is usually the first original part that gets removed when someone purchases a Remington 870. Don’t wait until you’re in a life-threatening situation before you find this out.

The S&J Hardware Jumbo Safety is made of heat treated solid steel which means it can survive tough environmental conditions and accidents that it may be subjected to. And, of course, the button itself is large enough for your trigger finger to slide over and push it down without slipping or missing the button. If you are a soldier or law enforcement officer, you are going to appreciate how quickly you can disengage this safety button when you’re under attack and have to react fast. Also, if you are the type of shooter that likes to wear gloves, this jumbo safety button will still be easy to push down with your finger while wearing them.

The price of the S&J Hardware Jumbo Safety is $18. It can be purchased directly from the S&J Hardware website. You can also find it for sale on Amazon as well. When you receive the jumbo safety button, you will probably be very eager to replace the flat factory safety button that is currently in your Remington 870. If you don’t have experience upgrading your Remington 870, do not worry because the S&J Hardware Jumbo Safety has a drop-in installation that can be performed within minutes. Look upon the included instructions if you need further guidance on this.

This safety is great, it is big and rounded. It doesn’t stick out much and it is very comfortable to quickly disengage it.

This one of the best aftermarket oversized safety buttons for Remington 870.


In my opinion the best choice for a recoil reducing stock is Wilson Combat (Scattergun Technologies) safety.

The best choice for a standard stock is Wilson Combat Dome head or S&J Hardware safety. If it is comfortable for you to use long Vang Comp Systems oversized safety you can get it too.

How to Change a Safety on a Remington 870 Shotgun:

Warning: Make sure that shotgun is unloaded and safety is engaged.

1. First of all you need to disassemble your shotgun and take out the trigger plate assembly.

2. Place a finger over the safety detent spring hole and push the safety detent reataining pin out.

IMPORTANT: The detent spring is under pressure and it may jump out of the hole if you will not place your finger over the detent channel.

3. Carefully allow safety detent spring and ball to drop from safety detent channel.

4. Remove the old safety button and insert the new safety from the right side.

5. Reinstall the safety detent ball and spring, depress the safety detent spring into safety detent channel and replace the retaining pin with the pointed end first.

6. Test new safety.

7. Reinstall the Trigger Group Assembly.

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