The 10th Central-European Shotgun Open match was really interesting. It consisted of 24 stages with 250 birdshot rounds, 10 slugs and 10 buckshot. All the stages were challenging, and they tested many skills of the shooters.

There were a total of 324 shooters from all over the world who participated in this match. The atmosphere during the match was warm and friendly.

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There were several articles about special rigs for Load-2 and Load-4 loading:

Awen Innovations Load-4 Belt
Load-4 (Load-Quad) Belts for 3-Gun and Practical Shooting (IPSC, USPSA), Part 1
EZLOAD Quad-Load Belt for IPSC (Practical Shooting) and 3-Gun – Review

And now I am happy to review one more rig for Load-2 and Load-4, this time from Magload. This company has a lot of interesting and high-quality products.

For more than 3 months, I have tested this rig during cold and rainy weather conditions and it has worked great! I have tested it for both strong and weak hand loading. It holds shotshells reliably, but you can easily grab them too. There are also interesting add-ons available, such as double magnet GRIP tops and spring spacers which are used for adding more spring tension. The rig still works perfectly fine without these add-ons, but it is good to know that you can make a custom order for additional features if you want them.

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When you are using a shotgun in IPSC or 3-Gun competitions, you’ll only have a matter of seconds to grab more shotshells and load them into the magazine of your shotgun. I even remember old times when we were using caddies to do that. Fast time for loading 8 rounds and making first shot was about 6.5 seconds. Now good time is less than 3 seconds.

Now you may have an old rig but these typically hold shotshells in plastic holders and have to be adjusted to different length shotshells. Fortunately, IPSC shotgun is developing fast and we see new and new products each year. This review is about new EZLOAD NXTGEN Rig.

You can also read previous review from my friend:
EZLOAD Quad-Load Belt for IPSC (Practical Shooting) and 3-Gun – Review

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My name is Norbert, I am a French IPSC handgun shooter but beginner in the practical shotgun area.
As a newbie, I was obviously looking for some equipment…

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As you know, I am a very active competitive shooter. I mostly participate in practical shotgun shooting matches such as the IPSC (International Practical Shooting Confederation). I have used the Benelli Supernova in competitions but decided to go back to the Remington 870 this year. The long 28-inch barrel is perfect for that purpose. It has replaceable chokes and the barrel is long enough for all types of targets. I am going to use the short barrel for home defense and the tactical shotgun for shooting matches.

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This is the first article about load-4 belts for Practical Shooting (IPSC, 3-Gun, USPSA). It is going to be interesting for competitive shooters.

I asked owners or people close to the companies to tell about their products. Let’s start with 3 popular belts: King Competition Products, EZload and Z-Gun. I have sent requests to Invictus and Safariland, waiting for their answers.

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The third article of the “Practical Shotgun Shooting for Beginners” series. Thanks for your great feedback and comments about the previous articles.

You can read the previous articles here:
Practical Shotgun Shooting (IPSC) for Beginners, Part 2 (Upgrades, Ammo Belts, Equipment)
Practical Shotgun Shooting (IPSC) for Beginners, Part 1 (Divisions, Ready Conditions, Basic Upgrades)

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Tout d’abord, « merci ! » pour les nombreux retours positifs sur les 2 précédents articles. Ci-joint je vous redonne les liens pour y accéder directement:
1er article : Divisions, conditions de départ, améliorations/modifications matériels.
2ème article : Améliorations/customisation, ceinture et équipements

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French version of the Practical Shotgun Shooting for Beginners, Part 1 (Divisions, Ready Conditions, Basic Upgrades) article.

Je tiens à remercier mon ami Vitaly Pedchenko, administrateur de l’excellent site offrant une véritable mine d’informations sur les shotgun (fusils à pompe ou semi-automatique de calibre 12 principalement). La discipline Shotgun de l’IPSC est, en France, une discipline assez récente faisant déjà beaucoup d’émules. Je prends le parie que cette discipline va vraiment « grossir ». En effet, les championnats du monde se tiendront en France en 2018.

Ayant sympathisé avec Vitaly, je lui ai posé pas mal de questions pour mieux comprendre les subtilités de la discipline et m’aider dans mes choix d’équipements. Il m’a alors proposé de rédiger en anglais quelques articles de bases sur la discipline pour renseigner ceux (déjà dans le domaine de l’IPSC, handgun par exemple) qui comme moi souhaiteraient de se lancer, tandis que j’en ferai la traduction.

(Au passage je tiens à remercier Kim Leppänen- champion du monde standard manuel, Jaakko Viitala de King Competition, Georges Marye, toute la team ASC TSV et Julien Boit pour toutes les informations qu’ils ont aussi pu me donner)

Le texte ci-dessous est donc la traduction française du premier article écrit par Vitaly. Il s’agit encore une fois d’un article en lien avec le tir sportif IPSC adapté au shotgun. Règlement officiel téléchargeable sur

Bonne lecture,
Norbert PAPON

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The 3rd Shotgun World Shoot will be held in France in the year 2018. My friend Norbert Papon from France asked me a lot of questions because interest to shotguns grows in France. They are certainly experienced shooters when it comes to rifles and handguns, but shotguns are something new to them. That is why I decided to write a series of articles about shotguns in IPSC.

First of all, I think that shotgun shooting matches are the most fun and the most spectacular competitions around. Targets on birdshot stages are usually very close, the shots are very powerful and you can see clouds of dust and metal plates traveling long distances through the air. It is fun to shoot such powerful firearms.

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I receive a lot of questions about equipment I use for practical shooting. One of the good questions is what shoes to use for practical shooting. I use two models: Lowa Men’s Zephyr GTX and Salomon Speedcross 3. Both models are great, I have used Lowa for most of the competitions but now started using Salomon shoe.

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