Shotgun flashlight clamps are usually made of plastic or aluminum. They cost about $60-80. Magnetic flashlight clamps are little cheaper, about $30-40. But what if I say that you can buy shotgun flashlight clamp for just five bucks? And this is not a joke.

My friend gave me inexpensive Chinese bicycle clamp which is made of strap and plastic. He told me that it can be easily used as shotgun flashlight mount.

Shotgun Flashlight Clamp, Bicycle

Shotgun Flashlight Clamp, Bicycle

I was very sceptical about it but decided to give it a try. And all I can say that I was really surprised that it was holding flashlight really good under heavy shotgun recoil. Bicycle flashlight mount doesn’t move and stays in place. It also holds flashlight pretty good:

Of course, I like plastic and aluminum flashlight clamps more. They look nice and sturdy but if you want to have temporary inexpensive flashlight mount, then you can search Chinese auctions or Ebay for bicycle velcro flashlight clamp. Price is just 5 bucks including shipping.

It is very handy when you need to attach flashlight to a shotgun but want to save money or looking for flashlight clamp for a extoic shotgun which doesn’t have many accessories available. It is very easy to install and remove.