Magpul SGA Stock and MOE Forend for Remington 870 Review

Magpul SGA Cheek Riser

Magpul SGA stock, MOE forend and accessories for Remington 870 shotgun quickly became extremely popular after their release in 2011. Magpul is a well known manufacturer of high-quality accessories and upgrades for firearms. Remington 870 line of products is not an exception. Remington 870 SGA stock and forend were that popular that Magpul released the same furniture set for Mossberg shotguns. Magpul Hunter 700 stock (for Remington 700 rifle) which was introduced later has the same design and features. Remington even introduced Remington 870 Magpul Edition with Magpul stock and forend. That means that most of the users of Magpul SGA stock and MOE forend for Remington 870 were more than happy.

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Magpul Stock and Forend for Remington 870 – Photos

Magpul and Hogue Stocks Comparison

frankhenrylee has posted pics of his shotguns with Magpul and Hogue forends and stocks on Remington 870 Forum.

frankhenrylee, thanks a lot for the pics and sharing your experience!

“I decided to get it back out after posting yesterday to give it another look. I measured it and 12.5″ LOP for the SGA is correct. The Hogue actually seem to be about 11.75″ LOP. LOP is kind of tough to measure because you really don’t know where they were measuring from. I measured from the trigger to the middle of the buttpad, which was not the longest point, but seemed the most accurate and comparable. The Magpul forend is also about .25″ shorter on the back end compared to the Hogue making the combination of the Magpul parts feel like they had about an inch longer LOP than the Hogue. The grip of the SGA also has a squared off front with slight palm swells on both sides, but something about these two features just didn’t feel right to my hand. I wish they would have just made this part round. The distinct contours really force you to grip it in the way that it’s shaped instead of having a more universal grip. I will say that the non-slip surface on both sides works well. It’s made up of hundreds of tiny Magpul symbols that are just slightly raised from the surface. I would have liked to see those go all the way around the grip. I’ll try to post some pics this weekend for you guys to compare the two.”

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