New Remington 870 Home Defense Project, with Parts List

Remington 870 Home Defense Project from Malpaso from Remington 870 Forum:

Finished my 870 project tonight. Since I pulled info from all over the place, both here and on other sites, I thought I’d compile everything in one place.

I started off with a basic Wingmaster.

I was lucky enough to sell off the stock, forend and barrel, and put those funds toward the replacement parts. I effectively turned it into a Police. Here is what I replaced, with factory part numbers and Brownell’s part numbers for reference:

18-1/2″ Parkerized barrel F242243 767-000-385WB
Sear spring, heavy police F97642 767-000-716WB
Carrier dog follower spring F17415 767-174-150WB
Extractor, non-MIM F16176 767-161-760WB
Safety VCS 100-000-569WB
2 round mag extension with follower 100-003-056WB
Stock set 100-011-223WB
Sling mount MAG507 100-009-581WB
L3 MOE rail MAG407BLK 100-005-601WB
Light mount MAG614BLK100-015-677WB

The Vang 2 round mag extension comes with the follower, spring and sling attachment. Good deal as a set.

Here’s the after pictures:

Remington 870 Magpul Forend with Flashlight

Remington 870 Magpul Forend with Flashlight

Remington 870 Magpul Stock

Remington 870 Magpul Stock

Remington 870 Magpul Stock and Forend

Remington 870 Magpul Stock and Forend

One problem I ran into was that light mount does not fit on that light rail. It doesn’t say that on the Magpul or Brownell’s web sites, as far as I saw. It will only work with a scout or other offset mount. Fortunately, I had a light mount that I had lying around for another project, but it fits perfectly on this set up.

The light is a modified G2 with this drop in … nd-malkoff
It is friggin’ bright. There’s no need for a clicky with that mod because once it’s on, you’ve destroyed all night vision. I’ve got the light in just the right place that I can hit the temporary on button, and even twist the tailcap with my thumb if need be.

I was originally thinking of painting it, which is why I got the FDE so I would already have the base coat on them. I found with the Magpul stock, if I left the LOP as short as it would go (about 2″ short of normal for me), it would make an excellent house gun. No need to paint it, and I really don’t care about the mismatch colors.

I have a barrel/magazine clamp, not sure if I’ll need it.

Because I didn’t know what type of sling set-up I was going to end up with, there are three different connection points for 1 or 2 point set-ups.

I did a mock clear of the house last night with all the lights off. Everything functioned great. I like the light position. Hopefully get to the range this weekend.

Here are parts I considered, but did not use, either because I used alternative parts, or chose to go a different direction:

2 round mag extension A5102305 019-000-047WB
Trigger Assembly F102203 767-000-501WB
Magazine spring, police F92447 767-000-379WB
Follower 100-002-463WB
Detachable side ammo carrier DSACREM 100-005-245WB
Forward sling mount MAG508 100-010-976WB
Sling Swivel MAG540 100-013-937WB
Barrel and 2 round mag extension 100-014-061WB
18″ barrel cylinder bore bead sight 24620 767-000-957WB

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