Choate Machine & Tool is well known manufacturer of shotgun stocks, shotgun magazine extensions, rifle stocks and many other products.

Fred Choate agreed to answer questions about Choate Machine & Tool.

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How does it feel to be a Champion of the 3-Gun Nation?

It feels great! I have put several years of hard work into the sport just like every other shooter in Wednesday’s event! This just validates that I’m doing something right when it comes to how I spend my time at the range.

Read More Are there any drills you would recommend for shotgun owners?
Chris Costa: I would say if a shotgun owner actually carries a variety of 00 buck to slugs, doing slug changeovers are extremely important with the gun fully loaded. I would work on doing one to two slug changeovers and then with the gun starting off, empty the chamber (which is the way I carry my gun most of the time).

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