Interview with Massad Ayoob, top firearms and self-defense instructor.

Massad Ayoob with Remington 870

Massad Ayoob with Remington 870 What do you think about Remington 870 shotgun?

Massad Ayoob: Excellent gun, time-proven for some 60 years. The most popular shotgun in the American police armory. At the top of my recommended list for 12-gauge pumps. What advice would you give for shooting faster and more accurately?

Massad Ayoob: I recommend a very aggressive stance, shoulders well forward of hips, forward elbow pointed down (strengthens arm for holding gun on target and operating slide alike). Forward leg bent at the knee to better support body weight, and rear leg “digging” into ground, its knee slightly flexed, to drive the whole body against the recoil and bring the gun back on target more quickly. Lots of practice vigorously and reflexively racking the slide. What do you think about use of a shotgun for home defense?

Massad Ayoob: Excellent in the role of “artillery” once family has been gathered in one spot. If user has to move to gather up children, go to the front door, etc., I recommend handgun instead of shotgun. What accessories or modifications do you recommend?

Massad Ayoob: Ghost ring sights if slugs are to be used at intermediate to long distances. Certainly Sorbothane recoil pad. Extended magazine. Sidesaddle shell carrier. For vehicle carry, folding stocks make sense. When to use?

Massad Ayoob: As noted above, the shotgun comes into its own in an ensconced home defense situation. When one hand has to be operating lights, coordinating a telephone, etc., I would recommend the handgun instead. What drills would you recommend?

Massad Ayoob: Police type qualification shoots. Rapid fire drills, trying for five hits in two seconds from seven yards. Multiple target drills; bowling pin matches are fun and useful for this. Any other self-defense advices?

Massad Ayoob: Only staying familiar with self-defense law, getting training, and maintaining familiarity with the weapon.

Massad, thank you very much for this interesting interview!

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