I am happy to publish interview with Jansen Jones from Noveske Team. Noveske team is one of the most famous teams, they are legends of 3 gun and practical shooting. Special thanks to Jansen Jones for the interview!

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Jansen Jones (Noveske) and Vitaly Pedchenko

Jansen Jones (Noveske) and Vitaly Pedchenko

What firearms do you use during competitions?

For the 3 Gun Nation Pro Series I run the following set up:
Rifle: Noveske Rifleworks N4– Pro Series rifle build which consists of a 14.5” premium stainless barrel with SureFire MB556K, Noveske NSR 13.5” rail, Noveske Gen II Lower with Geissele Automatics Super 3 Gun Trigger and Magpul MIAD grip, URB stock and enhanced trigger guard. I use magpul Pmags and SureFire 60 round mags.

Shotgun: Benelli M2 21” barrel fully customized by Taran Tactical Innovations.

Pistol: Glock 17L with custom work done by Glock Worx and basepads by Taran Tactical Innovations (both companies are out of California).

If I’m shooting an outlaw 3 gun match, it depends on which division I am shooting.

If I am shooting “Heavy Optics” which requires a scoped 308 rifle, I shoot the following:
Rifle: Noveske Rifleworks N6 308 rifle: 18” premium stainless barrel, SureFire 762 Brake, MagPul PRS stock, MIAD grip and enhanced trigger guard and ArmaLite 20 or 25 round mags depending on if the match.

Shotgun: Either a Benelli M2 21” barrel fully customized by Taran Tactical Innovations.
OR if I need to use a pump shotgun, a Benelli SuperNova with 24” barrel and custom work done by myself and my team mates Rob Romero and James Casanova.

Pistol: depending on the match, I may use a Glock 17L with custom work done by Glock Worx and basepads by Taran Tactical Innovation, or a Glock 21 fully customized by Glock Worx.

Jansen uses semi-auto shotgun in 3-Gun shooting and pump-action in Practical shooting, why?

The majority of divisions in 3 gun (tactical optics, tactical irons, open, heavy optics most of the time) require a semi-auto to be competitive. The only consistent division in 3 gun which requires a pump gun is heavy metal. My team mate Rob Romero has a Noveske N6 rifle set up for Heavy Metal Irons so he usually shoots that division while I shoot Heavy Optics.

I love shooting a pump gun and for me, the only true opportunity to do so on a regular basis is the dedicated practical shotgun matches.

Jansen Jones, Noveske Team

Jansen Jones, Noveske Team

What upgrades/modifications would you recommend to competition shotgun?

At a minimum I like to have my lifter welded to prevent any thumb injuries while loading weak hand. I also have my loading port enlarged and smoothed out. Lastly, I add a magazine extension and aftermarket low drag follower. Beyond that, depending on the shotgun, I will have the grip and stock stippled, a trigger job performed and if it is a Benelli M2, the bolt lightened by Taran Tactical Innovations out of California.

What upgrades/modifications would you recommend to home-defense shotgun?

My personal home defense shotgun is a Benelli M2 and wears a SureFire Shotgun forend weapon light and has a side saddle with slugs and buckshot. Other than that, I leave the shotgun pretty much as I bought it.



Do you have any new firearms accessories in development?

Myself and the Noveske Shooting Team (“NST”) are always working on new products, in addition to testing items for other companies we shoot professionally for. Right now I cannot release any information on anything other than to say we have several very interesting items coming out in the next 6 months.

What is your secret of winning?

Pre-match preparation. This is the primary concept we focus on at our dedicated 3 gun classes that we teach all across the USA. The time you put in before the match, whether at the reloading bench, dry firing, working on your shotgun reloads, or simply working out at the gym, all plays into your pre match preparation. The more prepared you are before you go to a match, the better your chances are of achieving your goals when you step to the line and make ready at the match.

What live fire shotgun drills would you recommend?

I have been shooting a lot of plate racks lately with both shotgun and pistol. I have two plate racks set up side by side at approximately 15 yards, so a total of 12 plates. On the buzzer I engage the first plate rack with my shotgun, drop those first six plates, dump a safe shotgun, draw my pistol and engage the next 6 plates. I start this drill off with a par time of 8 seconds and then drop it to 7.5, then to 7 seconds, then to 6 seconds. I’ve found myself shooting plate rack drills every practice session and have seen the results paying off big time at both pistol matches but also in the 3 Gun Nation Pro series.

Noveske Team

Noveske Team

What dry fire drills do you do?

I will set a par time of 1 second and just work on my draw stroke first. After working on my draws, I will do various drawing and reloading drills just to keep my reloads sharp and as quick as I can be.

Do you reload ammunition for competitions?

I actually do not. I have been shooting Freedom Munition’s 124 grain Xtreme Action Pistol load. Freedom Munitions loaded the ammo exclusively for their sponsored shooters and it is so soft shooting I have been very happy with it. Additionally, the accuracy from the bullet has been excellent.

Any advice for shotgun owners on how to shoot fast and accurate?

Practice, practice and more practice. But most importantly, go out and compete. I found that one of the things that helped me improve the most was watching shooters better than me. You can learn so much from them. If you don’t have any people locally who you compete with on a regular basis, there is always YouTube. It’s excellent as you can watch shooters from all over the world and see different techniques and learn different things you may not see in your home region.

3-Gun Hero

3-Gun Hero

Please tell us about Noveske 3-Gun Hero DVD and 3 Gun Outlaw Instructional DVDs

The two DVD’s released by the Noveske Shooting Team, 3 Gun Outlaw & 3 Gun Hero really compliment each other.

In our first disk (3 Gun Outlaw) we discuss 3 gun from our point of view, reloading techniques for the shotgun, stage break down and more. After 2 years of hearing from people who bought the first DVD, Rob and I decided we had enough material to create another DVD and thus 3 Gun Hero came out. 3 Gun Hero focuses more on tips and techniques but also discusses gear and modifications shooters can make to existing equipment to help improve their 3 gun game.

Also included in 3 Gun Hero is 4 episodes from 3 Gun Nation Season 2 featuring Rob Romero & Jansen Jones.

The DVD’s are available from Noveske.com as well as Brownells.com

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3-Gun Hero DVD by Noveske

3-Gun Hero DVD by Noveske

You can get 3-Gun Hero DVD by Noveske on Brownells
3-Gun Outlaw DVD by Noveske

3-Gun Outlaw DVD by Noveske

You can get 3-Gun Outlaw DVD by Noveske on Brownells