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Interview with Hickok45

Thanks to Hickok45 for making this interview possible!

What do you think about Remington 870 shotgun?

I like the Remington 870 and have owned at least one as far back as the early 1970s. It’s a classic that just works. I still have a difficult time deciding between my Mossberg 590 A1 and my 870 for the bedroom room. Both are great.

What advice would you give for shooting shotgun faster?

For shooting “faster,” I just recommend practice. Get a good grip on the shotgun and make sure it’s pressed into the shoulder. From there, it’s just a matter of coordinating the pump action with the trigger and having a good solid stance so that the shotgun does not knock you around.

What do you think about use of a shotgun for home defense?

I’m a big fan of the shotgun for home defense. I’ve gone back and forth a bit between a rifle carbine and the shotgun in recent years, but I’m back with the shotgun these days. Even though it’s loud, I think I’d still have a little hearing left after firing a 12 gauge, whereas I’m not so sure my brain would be capable of ANYTHING after one shot from a .223 inside a room. Plus, a shotgun eliminates all the “stopping power” discussions.

What accessories/upgrades or modifications do you recommend?

Anybody who watches out videos knows that I don’t really do much “upgrading” to my firearms. The best upgrade is a pile of ammo and practice. Some of the replacement safety buttons, mag spring followers, and ghost ring sights, though, make sense on a shotgun. I love a ghost ring sight, especially the small ghost ring sight from Wilson Combat. A “plain Jane” shotgun will do about as good, though.

What shotgun drills would you recommend?

I don’t really do drills; I just shoot a lot. I WOULD recommend checking the pattern and determining how your shotgun patterns and where slugs tend to hit. OF course, if you are shooting the thing a good amount, you’ll know that anyway.

Any other advices for shotgun owners?

My only advice is to get the model you like and shoot it. Be aware that you have a pretty darn accurate large caliber rifle in your hands, too. As demonstrated in our shotgun videos, plain old Foster slugs from a smooth bore barrel are amazingly accurate, at least from a practical standpoint. I would not want to enter a benchrest rifle competition with one, but they continue to amaze me, and from any shotgun I own.

Hope this is of some benefit to you shotgunners out there. I’m sure some of you watch our videos and already know I’m operating with a “Low I.Q. Challenge.” Thanks for watching – we appreciate all of you!

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