The Blackhawk Knoxx SpecOps Gen III is a premium stock upgrade for the Remington 870 shotgun that you don’t want to miss. If you’re new to shotguns and still using the factory stock that came with your Remington 870, then you know how the recoil feels each time you fire. With the Knoxx SpecOps Stock Gen III, this recoil you would normally feel will be reduced a lot.

You can read review of the previous SpecOps Generation here: Knoxx SpecOps Stock Review

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Camouflage stocks for your Remington 870 shotgun can be useful for when you’re hunting in the woods. As you know, the whole point of camouflage is so it can visually blend in with its surrounding environment. By adding camo stocks to your Remington 870, the living targets you’re going after won’t be so quick to recognize you and run away. Fortunately, there are a few high-quality camo stocks for the Remington 870 that you’ll want to consider for this upgrade. Choose the one which suits your particular stock needs.

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By GrevB, NnF000

We can call this a “Tactical Build” or a “Home Defense Build” or maybe just “Building a REM870, 20-ga… My Way” !

Please Note that I am not going to tell you how to disassemble or assemble your Shotgun, I leave that to people on this Site that know a lot more than I do about the Remington 870 Express. I will call out the parts and part numbers (P/N:) where I known, and give a short review.

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The ATI Top Folding Stock for pump-action shotguns looks like a copy of the old Remington law enforcement top folding stock. However, the big difference is that it’s made out of plastic. These plastic parts are a disadvantage to the stock while its compact size is an advantage.

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Thanks again to Choate Machine & Tool for providing the Remington 870 Telescoping Stock for my review.

Many shotgun owners prefer pistol grips for some reason. Those who mostly train with their AR-15 as a long gun like that the ergonomics of the pistol grip shotgun are very similar to the ergonomics of the rifle. They can easily switch from rifle to shotgun because the shotgun has virtually the same stock and pistol grip as the rifle. Some shooters find it more comfortable to use the pistol grip shotgun when shooting around the barricades or when using their weak hand. Anyway, pistol grip shotguns have their place and many shotgun owners like them.

I received the Remington 870 Telescoping Stock from Choate this time. It has some unique features like a specially designed tube and stock which can withstand the recoil of Magnum loads. Also, the buttstock has two useful watertight compartments where you can store batteries for a flashlight, red dot sight, etc.

Overall, I was impressed with how sturdy this stock is. It can be a good choice for home defense, survival or as a tactical shotgun.

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Hogue is a company which sells parts and accessories for firearms. Some of their most popular upgrades are made for the Remington 870 and Mossberg 500 shotguns. Some of the stocks that Hogue sells for the Remington 870 have a twelve-inch length of pull (Short Shot model). This turns the shotgun into a compact weapon and gives the shooter more mobility when they’re in constricted environments. Hogue also has standard sized stocks that are a bit longer so it really depends on your body size and the areas you’ll be using the shotgun in. For example, if you are a shooter with long hands then you may not like having a twelve-inch length of pull. But if you have shorter hands then it will be more comfortable for you.

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The previous review of the Choate Remington 870 MK5 Pistol Grip Stock and Forend was very interesting to me. There are not many reviews of Choate products and that was surprising because their products are very popular and well known.

Thanks to Choate Machine & Tool for the stock for review.

Choate Machine & Tool is one of the oldest companies which manufactures lots of different parts and upgrades for firearms. Remington 870 owners may know the company for the magazine extensions they produce.

This stock has a very unusual look which is similar to the thumbhole and Shurshot stocks, but with many differences too. I’ve heard complaints about the look of the stock but I’ve heard the same complaints about the Magpul SGA stock. Some people like how it looks while others don’t. Either way, the features are very good and extremely useful. I was really surprised about how good it can shoulder.

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Mesa Tactical Urbino Tactical Stock System and Accessory Review

Thanks to Rutsen for this review and photo. More detailed review is coming soon.

We recently obtained the Urbino Tactical Stock System with a Sureshell Shotshell Carrier. We installed the Urbino Tactiacl Stock System in about 15 minutes, and I am no gunsmith. A screwdriver is about all that is needed to make the change. We installed it with the single point adapter mount since I like the Magpul single point sling.

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