Hogue is a company which sells parts and accessories for firearms. Some of their most popular upgrades are made for the Remington 870 and Mossberg 500 shotguns. Some of the stocks that Hogue sells for the Remington 870 have a twelve-inch length of pull (Short Shot model). This turns the shotgun into a compact weapon and gives the shooter more mobility when they’re in constricted environments. Hogue also has standard sized stocks that are a bit longer so it really depends on your body size and the areas you’ll be using the shotgun in. For example, if you are a shooter with long hands then you may not like having a twelve-inch length of pull. But if you have shorter hands then it will be more comfortable for you.

Hogue Short LOP Stock for Remington 870
Hogue Short LOP Stock for Remington 870

Hogue stocks are also made from molded fiberglass reinforced polymer which is a very durable material. The stocks have a grip area for the shooter’s hand so they can keep it stable. This grip area is “OverMolded” with a soft rubber material that will make it comfortable for you to grab and hold with your hand without causing calluses. On the end of a Hogue stock, there is a butt pad to cushion the recoil that normally comes after firing the shotgun. Best of all, Hogue stocks are weatherproof and will not slip when you’re holding them in your hands. This is perfect for hunters who are out in the wilderness and have to endure snow or rainy conditions. Now you’ll no longer have to be worried about whether your shotgun can endure these conditions because the material of the stock will enable it to withstand them.

Hogue Overmolded Forend for Remington 870
Hogue Overmolded Forend for Remington 870

As for the Hogue forends, they are equally as good as the Hogue stocks. You typically wouldn’t buy one without the other because they are both made out of the same molded rubber material which makes them soft and durable at the same time. It would be great to have both Hogue stock and forend made out of a comfortable material to hold. The Hogue forends are sold separately from the stocks but you’ll find them listed on the same page of Hogue’s online store. Just search for Hogue stocks and you’ll find the stocks and forends come up in the search results. The stock is about $60 and the forend is about $20. These are very reasonable prices for upgradable parts to your Remington 870 shotgun. You can also buy stock and forend set for just $70.

Recoil pad is nice and soft. Rubber finish ensures very good non-slip grip. The pad doesn’t have holes for the screws, so you will need to add some oil to insert a screw driver into the pad (see installation video below).

Hogue Stock and Forend Installation on Remington 870

Hogue stock and forend are very easy to install on Remington 870 and installation takes just 10-15 minutes. This video will help you to install stock and forend:

Remington 870/Mossberg 500 Short LOP Hogue Stock

Remington 870 Stocks, Standard and Hogue
Remington 870 Stocks, Standard and Hogue

Short LOP Hogue stocks have a shorter 12” length of pull. I have it on my shotgun and really like it. This stock makes shotgun very compact and easy to maneuver around the house. This short LOP Hogue stock also will be comfortable to use for shooters wearing body armor or thick winter clothes. It may not fit shooters with longer hands but will be perfect for shooters with smaller frames, or for youngsters and ladies.

The rubber material of the Hougue stock and forend makes it easy to hold, grip and use your shotgun even with wet hands.

Hogue stock and forend are inexpensive and simple soltions for those who like to keep shotgun simple and slick. They are one of the best stock and forend available for Remington 870/Mossberg 500/Winchester 1300. I always recommend them to shooters which want to replace factory stock and forend.

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Hogue Stock and Forend for Remington 870
Hogue Stock and Forend for Remington 870
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  1. Eric K.

    Which hogue stock is better for larger hands? The 12lop or the 14lop? Or is the hand section the same size?

  2. Eric K.

    Thanks. Would you say the 12 is too short for someone like me that is 6’1″ with longer than average arm length?

    1. I think it will be too short for you. Also, you will need to find the proper position for your thumb, otherwise you will hit your nose shot after shot :) like it happened to my friend which decided to try my shotgun.

  3. Eric K.

    Thanks again for the advice. I just ordered the standard length Hogue stock along with the matching forend. I’m hoping I like this set over my stock Remington black plastic set that came with my marine magnum. The Remington stock was too slippery and didn’t feel right as well as the speed feed forend. I think this new Hogue set up is gonna look great on the marine magnum.

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