Double Star ACE AR-15 ARFX Skeleton Stock is a very popular upgrade for AR-15 rifles. And now you can install it on your favorite Remington 870 shotgun!

The parts you will need to install Double Star Ace Skeleton stock on Remington 870 shotgun:



If you own a Remington 870 pump action shotgun, then you may not be satisfied with the current factory stock that come with the weapon. That is why many Remington 870 owners are upgrading these parts to aftermarket ones which have different look and features. If you want to have popular AR-15/AK-47 ACE stock on your Remington 870 or Mossberg 500/590, you can use Double Start Receiver Block.

Just remember that you will also need DOUBLE STAR – ACE CAR 15 STOCK ADAPTER to install the Rifle length AR-15 tube to install the Ace stock.

Ace Skeleton Stock and Adapter for Remington 870 Shotgun

Ace Skeleton Stock and Adapter for Remington 870 Shotgun

Double Star Ace Remington 870 (there is also Mossberg 500/590 version) Receiver Block is a rock-solid upgrade for your shotgun’s receiver. This will give any Remington 870 shotgun owner the ability to install one of the AR-15 stocks. For starters, it will let you attach Ace branded stocks to your shotgun. Ace buttstocks have a great reputation for their modularity and high-quality design. It will basically turn your shotgun into a tactical looking weapon that will make it easier to switch from AR-15 (with the same stock) to a shotgun.

The Ace Remington 870 Receiver Block offers more than just Ace stock compatibility. It adds a pistol grip to the receiver that is the same style found on the AR-15 rifle. Anyone who likes the pistol grip on their weapons will appreciate this addition to their shotgun. People who normally shoot AR-15s will typically get used to the Remington 870 a lot faster when they have this receiver block upgrade and ACE stock installed on it. If you are used to weapons with pistol grips, then this upgrade is definitely for you.

The Ace Remington 870 Receiver Block is made of 7075-T6 aluminum material. It is hard coated with an anodized black finish. Additional components that come with the receiver block include QD sling-swivel pockets and a Picatinny rail. In case you are worried about how to install the receiver block, there are installation instructions and materials included with it as well. The installation will involve disassembling part of your Remington 870 because you need to remove the old stock and attach this Receiver Block to the receiver. If you have never disassembled a shotgun before, then you can find Remington 870 Disassemble and Reassembly instructions on But don’t worry, it is easier than it sounds.

The price of the Ace Remington 870 Receiver Block is $93.99. It is made in the United States.

There is also Ace Mossberg 500 Receiver Block.


Ace Skeleton Stock on Remington 870 Shotgun

Ace Skeleton Stock on Remington 870 Shotgun

The AR-15 is a rifle which has many uses. You can use it for target shooting, hunting, law enforcement tasks, or military operations. What recreational shooters particularly like about the weapon is that it is upgradable. Although the AR-15 is a powerful and well-designed weapon, there are some people who don’t like the factory stock that comes with it. They would prefer to upgrade the stock to one which is strong and lightweight at the same time. That way, they can handle it easily and quickly in environments which don’t give you a lot of time to react.

The best thing is that such stock is now available for shotguns. You can install it on your Remington 870 or Mossberg 500/590.

Double Star AR-15 ARFX Skeleton Stock is the upgrade that you will want to try. Its aluminum construction gives the stock the kind of lightweight and durability that will make it suitable for either tactical or recreational purposes. There are three sling points available in case you want to attach a sling to your stock. The 1.25-inch sling swivel and stud is simple to figure out how to use if you’ve never attached a sling before.

The stock installation requires rifle length buffer tube attached to the adapter. When you go to hold the stock to your cheek while aiming the weapon, it will feel very comfortable because of the cell foam material which covers the tube.

The cheek weld is actually an over-tube which gets placed right on the top of the stock. The foam material of the over-tube is specially formulated to tolerate any gun oils or cleaning solvents that you use on it. The over-tube can also withstand freezing cold temperatures, rough handling, UV rays from the sun, and salt water.

The ARFX Skeleton Stock comes with a butt plate which is made of machined aluminum. The plate is drilled for the Butt Pad made of rubber that is also included.

The price of the ARFX Skeleton Stock is $89.99. It is made in the United States and only comes in a black color.

Range Tests

Double Star Stock on Remington 870

Double Star Stock on Remington 870

It was very interesting to test this stock on the range. I prefer shorter stock, so this one was a little too long for me. It has length of the standard stock. I think it will be ok if you usually shoot with the standard LOP stock.

I would replace the standard pistol grip with one of the aftermarket ones. Never liked standard AR-15 pistol grip. I prefer Magpul pistol grips but you can choose the one you like.

It was very comfortable to manipulate the shotgun with ACE stock. The stock itself is lightweight and sturdy.

Foam padding of the stock is very nice to the touch. The cheekweld was perfect. It was a fun to shoot a shotgun with the ACE stock. The only thing that I didin’t like is a sharp edge of the Receiver Block but it is not a big problem.

I can recommend this stock to those who like AR-15 stocks especially the ones by Double Star. Not only the ARFX Skeleton stock can be installed using the Receiver Block but other Double Star brand stocks as well.