A couple of words about my brand new Remington 870 Combo. As always, it comes in a simple carton box. The shotgun comes with the barrel removed. You will find two barrels inside: the 28-inch ventilated rib barrel with the modified choke installed and with bead sight, and the 20-inch barrel with rifle sight. There is also an instruction book, lock, magazine plug, and choke tube wrench.

The lock is a little different from the one which I got in 2008. Also, the new stock and forend are made of very nice wood. The laminate wood stock and forend on my first shotgun had a light brown color and looked cheaper. The current set has a dark brown color and looks and feels like real wood

The capacity of the shotgun is 5 rounds. You need to purchase the magazine extension separately to be able to load more rounds. But first, you need to remove the dimples inside of the magazine tube. I will have a long +8 rounds magazine extension for competitions and +3 magazine extension for home defense use with the short barrel.

I checked the barrel and all the external and internal surfaces of the shotgun and found no problems, scratches or rust. The barrels and chambers are smooth inside but I will polish the chamber to have a more reliable extraction of the fired shells.


  1. Nicholas Burman

    Vitaly, nice. Do show us your build when you are finished with. I live in Italy, I’m applying for my firearms license and want to enter shotgun IPSC. A Rem 870 Express is one of my guns of choice (I’m also considering a Winchester MXP or Benelli Nova, depends on what I can get out of the shops here) and your blog has been very inspiring. Keep going!

    1. Nicholas, thanks. I plan to use Remington 870 for practical shooting this year. But it will require modifications and I will have posts about them. Benelli Nova is easier to modify for practical shooting because of the wide loading port and plastic trigger group but Remington 870 is more reliable.

      1. Nicholas Burman

        Glad to know that the 870 is still a good investment – list price here is a good 200 Euros less that the Nova, that alone pays for all the extras…I might just go down your way, get a combo and end up with two guns for the price of one Nova… :-D

        1. Nicholas, just make sure that you have a good gunsmith because some of the modifications cannot be done at home. I will have posts about them in several weeks.

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