Product being Reviewed: The Brownells 20-ga REM870 Magazine Follower, p/n: 080-000-238 – Description: “REM 20-ga Alum Orange Mag. Follower”.

Remington 870 Aluminum Follower 20 Gauge

Remington 870 Aluminum Follower 20 Gauge

Disassembly Instructions: Instructions that comes with the Follower work very well, especially for the new-comer like myself. If you want more details or learn a trick or two read the How-To’s written by Synchronizor, his knowledge and write-ups are very good.

Magazine Spring Used: Stock OEM REM870, 20-ga.
Rounds used in Testing: Bird Shot and #4 Shot, 2 ¾” Length, standard rounds.

First impressions:
Packaging: The Follower comes in a plastic bag with Instruction Sheet. No additional shock absorbing packaging, (not sure any is needed).

The Follower: It is a nicely machined piece of aluminum, no sharp edges on either the outside or the inside, with an anodized coating that is applied smoothly and has a great appearance.

Fitment: It fits the 20-ga REM870 Mag nicely and slides easily inside the Mag Tube I noticed no binding.
Note: I loaded and ejected 50 rounds, shot 50 rounds and the Brownell’s Follower worked as expected, no binding, no problem loading or racking rounds.

Overview: This is a simple Product designed and manufacturer well and tight tolerances allow it to work as well or better than the original follower. I used the included instructions for disassembly and installation of the follower and they worked well and got me through what I thought would be some difficult disassembly.

Check out the Follower at

There is a color choice, if you need one, Black, Gold, Natural, Red…

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