Hornady Z-Max (Zombie-Max) Ammo Cans

Prepare yourself for the Zombie Apocalypse with Zombie Max ammo!

Limited Edition MTM 50 Caliber Zombie Ammo Can. This Ammo Can features a Black Case with Green ghosting and custom Green Latches and Handle. Also includes custom Zombie Label on each side. Sized around the popular US Military surplus ammo cans, this rugged polypropylene plastic case accommodates a wide variety of ammunition. Reinforced bottom and thick sidewalls will hold as much ammunition as needed for the Zombie Apocalypse. Stacking Ridges on the top and bottom allow you to organize your Zombie ammo stash. A heavy-duty dual latching system makes for a better seal and less likely to open accidentally. Double padlock tabs along with molded-in stacking ridges, make these solid containers the perfect solution to so many storage needs.

12 Gauge 8 Pellet #00 Shot Z-Max 250 Round Ammo Can:

Hornady Z-Max (Zombie-Max) Ammo Cans
Hornady Z-Max (Zombie-Max) Ammo Cans

More information and ordering: Hornady Z-Max Ammo Cans


  1. Tamita Stevens

    I am now ready for the Zombie Apocalypse! I love the way these ammo boxes look: they just make you want to go out with your Remington 870 and shoot some zombies! I absolutely love these surplus ammo cans and the dual latching system is great for avoiding any accidents.

  2. Michael Towner

    I like everything that is in “surplus” size! My 7 year old was very excited when he saw this big box with green writing and a zombie feel to it. He asked me if I got him some new toys and was disappointed when I said no. It’s great that the latches are very solid because he can’t open it.

  3. Noah Jones

    The commercial for the Zombie Max ammunition is really great! I dig these bug ammo cans that can hold a whole giant stash of ammunition. The can is very durable and quite well organized so that you can place a LOT of ammo. Definitely worth the money in my book!

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