Homeowners while they want to protect their family and possessions do not necessarily want to cause a fatality while doing so. If this is the case, you can use so-called non-lethal rounds in your home defense shotguns. The shells would be of the same gauge as your shotgun and can be loaded as you would any shell. The most typical non-lethal rounds are beanbag and rubber slugs or shot.

Less Lethal Rounds for Your Shotgun

Less Lethal Rounds for Your Shotgun

You can also load your own shells with rock salt (ice cream salt) or you may be able to purchase them already loaded. The salt is very coarse and may even resemble chips of rock. Load the salt just as you would birdshot. The rock salt will cause pain and may even cause minor wounds on bare skin but the salt will not penetrate and cause permanent damage. Less than lethal shells will still make the same noise as other shells.

You can purchase rubber buckshot or single projectiles to load yourself or buy the shells already loaded. You can also get the shells loaded with rubber shot and pepper spray combinations. These are close range shells and have a muzzle velocity of between 280 and 550 Feet per Second (FPS). The effective range can vary between 10 and 50 feet. The pepper spray is effective up to 25 feet in some cases. However, just because they state they are non-lethal the shells are extremely dangerous and at very close ranges and under the right circumstances, the rounds can cause a fatality.

The less than lethal rounds can be used for training and practice. This is ideal for teaching younger adults how to handle loaded weapons without the fear associated with using lethal ammunition. Check with your local municipalities about firing non-lethal rounds inside the city limits.

Less than lethal rounds can be used for crowd control to minimize fatalities and yet provide immediate stopping power. A person hit with a beanbag round will suffer bruising and in most cases, will be incapacitated and out of the fight without suffering permanent damage. Pepper spray rounds are used to disperse crowds and not to necessarily incapacitate anyone for any period.

Some may consider the so-called ferret round to be non-lethal but it is not classified as such. The ferret round is used to deliver tear gas and the rounds are designed to penetrate light barriers such as windshield glass, glass windows in a structure and though hollow core or light wood doors. This allows the delivery of the tear gas from a safe distance using a shotgun. Typically a ferret round would not be available to the public.

The rounds are not to be used against a person or crowd but are designed only to deliver the gas contained inside by penetrating light barriers.