When you fire a Remington 870/1100, or any other type of shotgun, you will see the shells fall out of the chamber onto the ground. The part of the shotgun that removes shell after it is fired is called the extractor. Once you cycle the action of the gun, the shell is removed from the firing chamber. It is important to have a durable extractor if you use your shotgun a lot. Most Remington 870/1100 shotgun models come with a metal injection molded extractor which is good for standard use only. But if you are someone who goes shooting a lot then you will want a solid steel extractor in your shotgun instead. These extractors are typically found in Remington 870 Police models since law enforcement officials tend to shoot shotguns more often than civilians. However, this doesn’t mean you can’t install a solid steel extractor into your Remington 870 to make it more reliable.

To replace your existing extractor, first, make sure your Remington 870/1100 is not loaded with any ammunition. Double check the chamber and magazine tube to ensure that there is no ammunition. After that, disassemble the shotgun and take out the bolt. Take a flat headed screwdriver and put it between the extractor and the plunger. Pull the extractor back with the screwdriver until the spring behind it is depressed. Now you can lift out the extractor by rotating it until it comes out. Now take your new steel extractor and push it in by rotating it until you hear the extractor snap into place. At this point, you can reassemble the rest of the shotgun by reversing the process you just went through.

Solid steel extractors can be purchased at most gun stores for about $25. You might see them advertised as non-MIM, or non-metal injection molded. This just indicates that it is not the standard metal injection molded extractor that usually comes with the Remington 870/1100. But just to be safe, ensure that the extractor you purchase is in fact solid steel because this is the best extractor you can get. After you have installed the extractor, you should go test your shotgun at some targets in order to see how well the shells get extracted. If you don’t notice any problems then you have successfully upgraded your shotgun with the new extractor. But if you do notice problems, then disassemble it again and check to make sure all of the parts were put back correctly.

Changing Remington 870/1100 Extractor (MIM or Non-MIM):

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