When you fire a Remington 870/1100, or any other type of shotgun, you will see the shells fall out of the chamber onto the ground. The part of the shotgun that removes shell after it is fired is called the extractor. Once you cycle the action of the gun, the shell is removed from the firing chamber. It is important to have a durable extractor if you use your shotgun a lot. Most Remington 870/1100 shotgun models come with a metal injection molded extractor which is good for standard use only. But if you are someone who goes shooting a lot then you will want a solid steel extractor in your shotgun instead. These extractors are typically found in Remington 870 Police models since law enforcement officials tend to shoot shotguns more often than civilians. However, this doesn’t mean you can’t install a solid steel extractor into your Remington 870 to make it more reliable.

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Bought new Volquartsen Remington 870 exact edge extractor to test it and see if it’s as good as non-MIM extractor.

It looks as very good and reliable product. But it will take some time and hundreds of rounds to test and see if it will withstand a heavy use. Volquartsen Remington 870 Exact Edge Extractor looks like very good aftermarket extractor, I really like all edges are polished compared to Remington extractor.

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Why Remington 870 is the best pump action shotgun? Because there are hundreds of upgrades available for it! You can customize it as you wish and even make it a bullpup shotgun! :) But let’s talk about more common Remington 870 upgrades today.

I have made updated list of must have upgrades for Remignton 870. This time I have selected the best (in my opinion) upgrade in each category but also offer you several alternative variants and links to reviews.

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Remington 870 extractor modification is one of often questions I received. Many people heard about it but not many did this. This is believed to improve the extraction of fired shells.

This modification was first recommended by American Gunsmithing Institute in their Building The Fighting Remington 870 Shotgun video. Radiusing the extractor is done to ensure better contact of extractor and shell.

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Here is the list of the most affordable yet really important upgrades for your Remington 870 shotgun.

1. Carrier Latch Spring ($4.84)

Carrier elevates the shell and it will be held there until the bolt can push it into the chamber. Carrier dog spring upgrade upgrade ensures positive feeding when using heavier rounds.

Carrier dog spring upgrade is very simple. It is as important as extractor replacement. Many custom Remington 870 shotguns have better carrier dog spring.

You can get heavier carrier dog spring for just $4.84 here: http://tinyurl.com/7yolquh

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Remington 870/1100 Extractor Replacement is one of the must have upgrades for Remington 870.

Machined extractor is one of the must-have upgrades for your Remington 870/1100. It insures reliable extraction of fired shells. Non-MIM extractor costs just $14.99 but improves your shotgun dramatically.

You will learn how to change the Remington 870 extractor from the instruction below. The procedure is really easy.

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Remington 870 is the most dependable shotgun in the world but it also can have malfunctions. The faster you fix malfunctions the better. This is extremely important in home defense situation when every moment can cost a life.

Knowing and being familiar with common Remington 870 malfunctions is priceless and extremely important. This post will help you understand what can happen with your shotgun and will help you fix malfunctions fast.

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If you are a novice gun owner with a Remington 870 then you might not realize how many upgrades and accessories are available for your shotgun. You should take advantage of these upgrades instead of sticking with the factory version of your shotgun because they can help make the shooting experience more pleasant and increase your accuracy at the same time.

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