Many of you asked about this Remington 870 Marine which won the Remington 870 Photo Contest. I really like it too, it is simple but have all the necessary home defense upgrades and accessories.

Let’s see closer what Remington 870 shotgun parts were upgraded, what accessories were added. The most important is not to get lost looking on all cool upgrades and not to make your Rem 870 looking too tacticool.

Remington 870, Marine, Home Defense Accessories and Upgrades

Remington 870, Marine, Home Defense Accessories and Upgrades

So, let’s start with the most important home defense shotgun upgrade – flashlight. Owner decided to go with the Surefire Forend Light which is great. This is forend with built-in flashlight, meaning it is very easy to use. Surefire forend is also very reliable and there is no chance that it can stop working or fall of the shotgun.

What else can be upgraded? What is one of the most important parts of the shotgun? Remington 870 stock and forend. If stock is too long or too short, you cannot use them comfortably. You cannot aim accurately, you cannot rack shotgun fast, sometimes you even can’t have good positive grip. Wrong stock even can hit you when you fire. So, it is very important to choose stock and forend that fit you.

Remington 870 Magpul SGA stock and forend are very good. Stock is very easy to adjust for any shooter, tall or short. It enables you to install cheek riser, one-point sling adapter or 2 and 3-point sling. It is rock-solid and you cannot go wrong with it.

Shell holder is a must have for home defense shotgun. Sidesaddle on this Remington 870 Marine shotgun is from Mesa Tactical. Sureshell shotshell carrier is one of the best sidesaddles available. It holds shells perfectly but you can easily use them when needed. There are many versions available.

This Remington 870 shotgun has one-point sling which is popular choice. There are less chances that 1-poing sling would catch on doorbells or furniture.

As you can see, there are ghost ring sights installed on this Remington 870 Marine. They make aiming easier. Tritium sights glow in the dark allowing to use them 24 hours a day.

This home defense setup is very nice and simple, no unnecessary tacticool accessories and upgrades.

Home Defense Remington 870 Marine Parts List:

1. Surefire Forend for Remington 870 (DSF-870)
2. Magpul SGA Stock
3. SideSaddles for Remington 870