Best Night Sights for Glock

There are all kinds of sights available for handguns like the Glock 17, 19, 22, 26, 32, 37. However, out of all them, the tritium night sights are the most preferred amongst Glock owners. Why are they preferred? For one thing, the tritium can be seen in dimly lit environments and totally dark environments. You also don’t need a battery to power the lighting source because the tritium lighting doesn’t come from electricity, lasers, or bulbs. It is a radioactive isotope that comes from hydrogen which emits a soft bright glowing light. Since the tritium has radioactive decay that emits electrons, this causes the phosphor of the tritium to glow. It does not need any kind of outside power source whatsoever. The radioactive decay can last for several years which means it will glow for up to 10-12 years.

The tritium-illuminated fixed sights of the Five-seveN USG pistol, in normal lighting and dim lighting.

The tritium-illuminated fixed sights of the Five-seveN USG pistol, in normal lighting and dim lighting.

If you try using a tritium night sight during the day, you won’t be able to see the light emitted from it. Tritium can only be noticed in darker environments, which is why it’s marketed specifically as a night sight. Of course, if it is totally dark in your environment then you might have trouble seeing what you’re shooting at. So, the tritium night sight is best used in low lit environments where you can still somewhat see what is in front of you or combined with handgun flashlight. If there is a lot of moonlight outside, then you may have a better idea of what you’re shooting at.

Glock 17, 19, 22, 26, 32, 37 are mainly used for self-defense purposes, whether it is by an ordinary citizen or a police officer. In fact, more than 60% of American police officers carry a Glock. They can hold 15 and more rounds per magazine and can shoot as a semi-automatic weapon with very little recoil. Since police officers are usually engaging suspects in dark rooms of buildings or houses, it helps that they have tritium night sights attached to their Glocks. Most of them will shine a flashlight next to their Glock so they can positively identify the person in front of them. Then, if they pose a threat then the officer can aim accurately with the tritium night sight and take the suspect down.


The Trijicon HD XR Night Sights are available for multiple versions of the Glock. This particular advancement in night sight technology is made specifically for helping the shooter identify their target at long distances. Law enforcement officers are the ones who will truly benefit from this the most. They are used to dealing with suspects in dark environments or outside at nighttime. Now they’ll have an expanded field of view, so they can identify suspects first before shooting at them. This reduces the chances of them shooting the wrong person.

Trijicon- HD XR Night Sights for Glock

Trijicon- HD XR Night Sights for Glock

Trijicon’s HD Night Sights are hugely popular amongst Glock users. It only makes sense that Trijicon would expand on this line of night sights by putting new features into it. The result is the Trijicon HD XR which is more advanced at engaging targets that are farther away. The front sight of the HD XR is thinner as well. This allows users to have a bigger field of view.
Of course, the highlight of the Trijicon HD XR is its tritium-phosphor lamp. This is basically a glass lamp that is filled with tritium. This provides users with a bright illuminating light which you can see clearly in dimly lit and dark environments. Because it is tritium based, you won’t need to purchase any batteries or provide any additional power source to it. The tritium provides the illumination on its own.
The Trijicon HD XR is actually a set of night sights. There is the enhanced tritium sight on the front and there is the rear sight with a U-notch in it. This rear sight is what helps the user align their target with the front sight properly. Other features of the HD XR include a sapphire window, protective cylinders made of aluminum, steel shell with a matte finish, and a silicone rubber cushion. These materials give the night sight set added durability to withstand harsh weather conditions.
The color of the tritium lamps is green. The manufacturer has given them a 12-year warranty from the date they were first manufactured. This means they should be able to stay illuminated consistently for up to 12 years. Of course, you won’t be able to see this illumination if you’re outside during the day or in a bright interior environment.
The price of the Trijicon HD XR is around $149.00 on most websites. The width of the blade is 0.122” and the height of the blade is 0.23”. It was manufactured in the United States like all high-quality firearm accessories.

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The Truglo Tritium Fiber Optic Sight Sets for the Glock combine the amazing technology of fiber optics and tritium in order to make aiming easier for you, regardless of what time of day it is outside. You already know that tritium is a self-illuminating isotope which doesn’t require batteries or additional power, and works best in darker environments. The fiber optics goes a step further by gathering light and ensuring that you can aim quickly in both light and dark environments.

Truglo - Tritium Fiber Optic (TFO) Sight Sets for Glock

Truglo – Tritium Fiber Optic (TFO) Sight Sets for Glock

The body of this Truglo sight set is machined out of steel. This gives it an extreme durability to handle all kinds of harsh environments and conditions, whether you’re in a combat zone or competing in a shooting tournament. You don’t have to worry about the sights getting caught in your holster either because they are designed to be low-profile and not get in the way. Remember there are two sights in this set; one for the front and the other for the rear. They are always sold in pairs like this.

If you have the original factory-made dovetails on your Glock, then these sights will fit them just fine. There are extra screws included that you can use to install the rear sight into the slide to make it more secure. It should be simple enough to perform this task, so you don’t need to hire a gunsmith or professional to do this for you. In the end, you will have a front sight with a glowing dot and a U-notch rear sight with a green bar on each side of the U. This gives you a total of 3 dots.

There are multiple versions of the Truglo sight set available. The differences between these versions have to do with which Glock models they are compatible with and what color the front and rear sights are. The cost for each version is $99.99 and it comes with a 100% lifetime satisfaction guarantee.
No matter what Glock model you have, you are bound to find a compatible Truglo sight set. Most of the versions of the sight set have green dots, but you can also find some with a green and yellow combination of dots. There is no difference in the quality as they all illuminate brightly enough to see in the day and night. So, if you use your Glock for self-defense or competitive shooting, you will get a lot of great use out of this Truglo sight set.

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The Ameriglo Hackathorn Night Sight Sets is available for multiple Glock models, including 36,32,31,30,29,21, and 20. You will get a front sight and rear sight with this set. The front sight contains an orange outline with a tritium insert in the middle. The tritium illuminates a bright green color that you can see in dimly lit or dark environments. The orange outline enables the front sight to be picked up quickly by the user. As for the rear sight, it has a black matte color and is meant to help the user align their front sight with the target and shoot more accurately at it.

Ameriglo Hackathorn Night Sight Sets

Ameriglo Hackathorn Night Sight Sets

The Ameriglo Hackathorn Night Sight Sets are made of steel and finished with black nitride which gives the exterior more resistance to corrosion and tough impact blows. This will help if you’re using the night sights on your Glock while dealing with rainy weather conditions or rough terrain that might cause you to fall down and drop the Glock. This makes the night sight set suitable for police officers who are on the job and must face dangerous situations on a regular basis. Of course, you could also use these night sights for self-defense purposes too. They will work just as effective against an attacker who threats your safety, whether it’s on your property or somewhere in public at nighttime.

Trijicon is the company that manufactured the front sight with the tritium insert, but Ameriglo is the company that installed it. The front blade has a diameter of 0.164 inches and the rear blade has a diameter of 0.175 inches. These are the standard diameters you would want to have in your night sights. They’re thin enough to remain transparent to your enemy while still wide enough for you to see clearly and use to aim accurately. Also, you’ll notice the rear sight has a U-notch to help you align the front sight better. This notch is 0.177 inches while the front sight blade is 0.142 inches.

The Ameriglo Hackathorn Night Sight Sets can be purchased on the Brownells website for $77.99. Once again, you get a 100% lifetime satisfaction guarantee on this U.S. manufactured product. It is only available in a green, green, and orange color combination (the orange is the outline on the front sight). However, the tritium is only available in green which is still the standard color you would expect to find with tritium night sights.

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The Meprolight Tru-Dot Tritium Night Sight Sets for the Glock are some of the shiniest on the market. The tritium gas of the front sight and rear sight provides illuminating bright green dots which you can see in the dark or any low-lit area. You don’t have to worry about buying batteries or even turning on a power switch because these sights are always “on” and are always illuminating green light.

The rear sight of this set provides you with two green dots with a U-notch in the middle. The front sight features one green dot in the middle which you can align with the rear U-notch to accurately aim at your target. There are some models of this night sight set which have a combination of either green and yellow colors or green and orange colors. The standard model has all green colors. There is no difference in the quality of these models as they’re all just as durable and reliable.

Meprolight Tru-Dot Tritium Night Sight Sets

Meprolight Tru-Dot Tritium Night Sight Sets

The Meprolight Tru-Dot Tritium Night Sight Sets are made to be resistant to gun solvents, oils, and bad weather. That is why many law enforcement and military officers use these night sights on their Glocks. In fact, military forces of the United States, Israel, and NATO are known for using the Meprolight Tru-Dot Tritium Night Sight Sets because of their durability and resistance to harsh environmental conditions. Plus, these military forces need to shoot accurately in dark environments because they could be in a battle at any time of the day or night.

When you add the rear sight to your Glock, you can replace the weapon’s factory rear with this new one. If you have a Smith and Wesson, this rear sight can replace the old rear leaf. You will have a nut and screw included with the night sight set to make this installation a snap. As for the front sight, you can replace the factory front on your Glock with this new front sight by slipping it over and pinning it to the factory blade. Either that or you can replace the colored insert that came with the weapon if there is one on your model.

Tru-Dot offers purchasers a factory warranty on all their sights for a period of 12 years. However, if you purchase the night sight set through the Brownells website, you will get a 100% lifetime satisfaction guarantee. So, you really have nothing to lose by investing $87.50 to purchase this sight set. The price is the same no matter if you choose the green and orange, yellow and green, or green and green color combination.

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XS SIGHT SYSTEMS – DXT BIG DOT SIGHTS FOR GLOCK 17,19,22,24,26,27,31,36,38

The XS Sight Systems DXT Big Dot Sights for the Glock 17,19,22,24,26,27,31,36,38 and Glock 20,21,29,30,30S,37,41 contain a front sight and a rear sight which both have a glowing green tritium light. Unlike most other tritium sight sets, this particular one is suitable for any kind of lighting conditions. There is a vertical green tritium bar on the rear sight which has an easy-to-see white border. The front sight has a green tritium dot with a white ring that borders it. And, since the design of the sights is “low-profile,” you will still be able to draw your Glock weapon quickly from your holster without getting it stuck.

XS Sight Systems DXT Big Dot Sights

XS Sight Systems DXT Big Dot Sights

The XS Sight Systems DXT Big Dot Sights are designed to replace the existing factory installed sights of your Glock. The installation process is simple enough and there are instructions available with the sights to show you how to do this. When you go to use your Glock with the DXT Big Dot Sights installed, you will still be able to aim accurately during the daylight hours because of the white ring which surrounds the tritium dot. Even though the tritium can only be visible in darker environments, the white ring is still visible in lighter environments. Then, when it turns nighttime or when you’re in a dark place, you can just rely on the tritium to aim. This is the perfect combination of sights to have on your Glock.

If you go to the Brownells website, you will see there are three models available for the XS Sight Systems DXT Big Dot Sights. The first model has all green tritium dots on the sights and is priced at $123.99. It is compatible with the Glock 41, 37, 30S, 30, 29, 21, and 20. The second model is very similar to the first and is even priced the same. But, it is compatible with Glocks 38, 36, 31, 27, 26, 24, 22, 19, and 17. Finally, if you have a Glock 43 or 42, then you can purchase the third model for $127.99. This one is considered to be a special item and it takes up to 8 weeks to process each order for it.

The XS Sight Systems DXT Big Dot Sights is popular with individual Glock owners who need assistance in defending themselves or their property. The sights are made in the United States and come with a 100% lifetime satisfaction guarantee if you purchase on the Brownells website.

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