If you’re a Glock 17 owner, you know that there are tons of upgrades you can make to your gun. There are so many different third-party accessory makers that it can get overwhelming sometimes. Luckily, you found us. Here is a list of the top 10 Glock 17 upgrades that you can do right now.

Essential Upgrades

Enhanced Guide Rod (Tungsten or Steel)

According to Lenny Magill, recognized expert in Glock handguns, replacing the flimsy plastic guide rod that comes with your Glock is the most important and easiest upgrade that you can do to improve shooting comfort and accuracy. With the light, plastic guide rod, the Glock tends to have a hard recoil, both in terms of impact on your hands and the movement of the barrel. With a heavier guide rod, the recoil is deadened and the barrel stays on target better. Replacing the guide rod with a Tungsten Guide Rod doesn’t require any gunsmith work, you simply disassemble the gun and drop it in. And you can find them for under $50-60.

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Glock 17 Guide Rod

Upgraded Sights

There are hundreds of great aftermarket sights available for Glock handguns. I will give you a couple of suggestions throughout this section. The sights that come standard with your Glock are adequate, but not great. There are several ways you can choose to go with aftermarket sights. You can go with ultra-bright day/night glow sights, like the TruGlo Tritium/Fiber Optic Sights. These allow you to quickly acquire a sight picture in bright daylight or the darkest night. Or you can go with a red dot optic, such as the Trijicon RMR. Aftermarket sights can range in price greatly, from about $50 to several hundred dollars.

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Upgraded Grips

Like the aftermarket sights, there are many different options available to upgrade the grips on your Glock. Everything from replacement grips to stick-on texture. The improved grip can help retention and accuracy. Grippy adhesive stick-on pads are available for as little as $10, or you can go with custom grips that can get quite expensive.

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Cheap and Easy Upgrades

Ghost 3.5 lb Ultimate Trigger Connector

There are tons of awesome drop-in trigger groups available for the Glock 17, but if you don’t want to spend the money on one of those, you can get the same effect with a trigger connector. The Ghost 3.5lb Ultimate Trigger Connector reduces the trigger pull from the standard 5.5lbs to around 3.5lbs, which is a significant difference. A lighter trigger squeeze gives you quicker and more accurate follow-up shots. And the Ghost 3.5lb Ultimate Trigger Connector won’t break your budget, either. It retails for under $25 at most online gun stores.

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Ghost Ultimate Trigger

Glock Extended Magazine Release

Tired of fumbling with the small magazine release that your Glock has from the factory? Maybe your thumb doesn’t quite reach the magazine release, so you have to adjust your grip slightly each time you change mags. With the Extended Magazine Release from Glock, those problems are history. It’s super easy to install, and while it doesn’t change the internal function of the gun, it makes it easier to handle magazine changes, especially for someone with small hands. The best part of the Extended Magazine Release is the price, under five bucks at most online retailers.

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Glock Extended Slide Stop Lever

Glock pistols come standard with a very small slide stop lever, also called a slide lock. If you prefer using the slide lock to chamber a round after a reload, you may want a Glock Extended Slide Stop Lever. This little piece gives you a larger thumb lever to release the slide, making reloads much easier. The Extended Slide Stop Extender is easy to install and costs around $10, which makes it one of the easiest and cheapest upgrades you can make to you Glock 17.

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Extended Slide Stop Lever Glock

Pro Performance Upgrades

Shooting Glock-17

Shooting Glock-17

Pistol Light

If you use your Glock for home defense, one of the best upgrades you can buy is a pistol flashlight. If you’ve ever tried to fumble with a flashlight while holding a gun, you know that can be a hassle. There are many great flashlight attachments that connect to the rail of your Glock.

Streamlight TLR-1s Flashlight for Remington 870

Streamlight TLR-1s Flashlight for Remington 870

One of the best flashlights is the Streamlight TLR-1 HL. This light has an ambidextrous toggle switch which allows you to manipulate it from both sides. Press up on the right side for constant light, or hold up on the left side for a burst of light. If you press up twice on either side, you get a strobe feature, great for disorienting a would-be attacker. The Streamlight TLR-1 HL costs under $120 on Amazon.

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Apex Tactical Drop-In Trigger

If you’re looking for a complete drop-in trigger system, Apex Tactical is where you should look. Their triggers have ultra-short reset and function flawlessly. Plus, they are pretty cool looking. You can get them in a number of different colors. The Apex Tactical trigger will reduce the trigger pull weight to 3 – 4 lbs while reducing trigger travel up to 40%. An Apex Tactical trigger will set you back some dough, however. They run from around $130-$170.

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Glock Apex Trigger

Custom Slide

Another upgrade that doesn’t require any gunsmithing is to upgrade your slide. You can find some pretty awesome custom slides on the internet. Some are ported to reduce recoil, while others have additional scalloping to get a better grip when locking the slide open. If you’re looking for your Glock to stand out in a crowd, you can also get custom laser engraving done to your stock. Everything from your favorite quotes to your favorite political candidate’s name can be engraved on your slide. A custom slide will cost you some moolah, A Grey Ghost Precision Glock Slide will run about $365.

Glock Custom Slide

Custom Barrel

With a custom slide, of course you’re going to need a custom barrel. Faxon Firearms makes some awesome looking custom Glock barrels. My favorite is the chameleon. A custom barrel is exactly the right aftermarket part to get your Glock noticed at the shooting range. Be prepared to spend around $200 for a Faxon custom Glock barrel.

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You can find upgrades for your Glock 17 from many online retailers. There are simple upgrades like stick-on grips, or drop-in triggers that require a gunsmith. You can find some great upgrades for not a lot of money, but if you’re willing to spend some bucks, you can easily have a totally custom Glock that will be the envy of all of your shooting buddies.

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