I recommend always using hearing protection on a shooting range. I use MSA Sordin Supreme Pro Shooting Hearing Protection, they are expensive but they are the best electronic earmuffs the money can buy.

But I decided to get earplugs to test them and see if they can replace earmuffs.

Surefire EP4 and EP5 Sonic Defenders Earplugs Review

Surefire EP4 and EP5 Sonic Defenders Earplugs Review

EP5 earplugs block all sounds. EP4 earplugs allow to hear surrounding sounds but block loud harmful sounds.

I have tested EP4 and EP5 earplugs. They are very comfortable, they stay in place. I liked EP4 because you are able to hear some sounds. Not as good as in electornic earmuffs but you can still hear when someone is talking to you.

I don’t like EP5 earplugs which block all sounds. They are like regular earmuffs.

It is good idea to have earplugs in your range bag. They will save your hearing if you forget your earmuffs at home.