I don’t like factory sight of Benelli Supernova shotgun. It is not light gathering and it is too big. This sight will cover whole target if you are shooting slugs on long distances. That is why I strongly recommend upgrading it.

The best aftermarket sight I could find is HiViz Comp Sight for vent ribs. What is good about it? It is extremely easy to install it on Benelli Supernova and many other shotguns. Different screws are included, so you just need to unscrew the factory sight and use correct screw to install the HiViz Comp Sight.

It has steel not plastic base as some other aftermarket sights. That means that it will withstand hard use and will not brake even if you hit something (tested by me several times).

You will receive eight interchangeable light pipes, three red, four green and one white in different diameters. This is fantastic set for competition shooting. I don’t know the purpose of white light pipe but all others are very useful. Usually I use the smallest green light pipe. You can change them from stage to stage but the small green pipe is strongly recommended for slug stages.

Also, included are rotary carrying case to store light pipes and spring release key.

Highly recommended product which is used by many competition shooters.

Recommended Product:
HiViz Comp Sight for Benelli Supernova

HiViz Comp Sight for Benelli Supernova

Get Nordic Magazine Extension for Benelli Supernova here: //tinyurl.com/anbhlcf