Plasti Dip Rubber Coating and Firearms

Plasti Dip Rubber Coating on Benelli Supernova Shotgun Stock

The key to success to competition shooter is to never stop and try new drills, different stances and of course to experiment with equipment.

Benelli Supernova is a great shotgun but it has some things which can be improved. One of such things is slippery forend. It has groves but plastic is slippery, I wish I could get Hogue overmolded forend for my Benelli Supernova, I miss it so much.

By the way, this is one of things why I love my Rem 870, you can choose from hundreds of upgrades! Accessories for other shotguns are very limited.

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Benelli Supernova Upgrades and Accessories – Updated 2020

Nordic Components Magazine Extension for Benelli Supernova

Benelli Supernova is one of the best shotguns for competition shooting. I will have separate post about advantages it gives to a competition shooter. This post is about Benelli Supernova upgrades and accessories.

I decided to get the longest 28″ barrel because my +7 extension is still longer than the barrel. Longer barrel enables you to hit the targets on longer distances.

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