Enidine Shot Shock Hydraulic Recoil Reducing Stock Tube Review

Enidine Shot Shock Hydraulic Recoil Reducing Stock Tube

This is updated review of Enidine Shot Shock Hydraulic Recoil Reducing Stock Tube.

This is very interesting product. Hydraulic buffer really works and reduces felt recoil. 36 gram birdshot still kicks hard but it is less painful. I would recommend using Magpul Enhanced Rubber Buttpad with this stock, this will make it even better.

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Semi-Automatic Shotgun with Magazine Tube

Semi-Automatic Shotgun with Magazine Tube

A tubular magazine usually runs under the barrel allowing rounds to be loaded tip to primer. This works well for shotgun shells, because there is not a pointed protrusion that can trigger the primer on a shell. The magazine load is limited by design particularly on shotguns because of waterfowl laws and other local, state and federal laws. Usually you can load four in the tube and have one chambered for a total of five. However, some believe that leaving five rounds loaded for extended periods may wear out the magazine’s spring, so some only leave three in the tube to reduce stress. This is only conjecture however, but it does appear that springs can wear out from use and not just because they are compressed for long periods.

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Benelli Supernova Upgrades and Accessories – Updated 2020

Nordic Components Magazine Extension for Benelli Supernova

Benelli Supernova is one of the best shotguns for competition shooting. I will have separate post about advantages it gives to a competition shooter. This post is about Benelli Supernova upgrades and accessories.

I decided to get the longest 28″ barrel because my +7 extension is still longer than the barrel. Longer barrel enables you to hit the targets on longer distances.

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Removing Dimples on Remington 870 Magazine Tube

Remington 870 Dimples in Magazine Tube

Shotguns are powerful and versatile weapons but they have very limited magazine capacity. That is why this is one of the first things for a shotgun owner to improve when he starts building his tactical / home defense Remington 870 shotgun.

A lot of Remington 870 owners want to install a magazine extension on their shotguns. But there are dimples in magazine tube which must be removed first. And all of us are afraid to break our favorite shotgun during this process.

What is the purpose of the dimples inside the Remington 870 magazine tube?

I have received answer about dimples directly from the Remington:
“The dimples in the magazine tube is to keep the new style retainer in place. If the
dimples are removed, the retainer would not stay in place. We do not recommend these
dimples to be removed. This style was introduced in the late 80’s.”

But if you want to install magazine extension you still need to drill them out first.

Dimples were not in magazine tube forever, Remington started to punch them into magazine since 1990 or little later. There are no dimples in Police version of Remington 870 (standard Remington 870 Express magazine capaciy is 4+1, or the one with factory magazine extension is 6+1, but it has dimples too)

Some owners say that drilling them out leads to rusting of your magazine tube so you may find it useful to cold blue it.

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