Modification of the Remington 870 Extractor for Better Extraction of Fired Shells

This post is about small but very useful modification of the Remington 870 extractor hook. Radiusing of the extractor hook allows to have a better contact with a body of a shell. Thanks to Eros from Italy for the photos and information.

Remington870 Extractor Modification
Remington870 Extractor Modification

This modification of the Remington 870 extractor ensures reliable extraction of the fired shells.

From Eros:

The radiused extractor will give you a better extraction. Put on the flat surface of the extractor a little radius so it will contact more surface of the shell’s body.

Radiusing Remington870 Extractor
Radiusing Remington870 Extractor
Remington 870 Extractor Upgrade
Remington 870 Extractor Upgrade

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  1. I have a question.

    It’s a bit hard for me to tell what has been reshaped… is it possible to “draw” a highlight circle or arrow to show the areas that have been changed?

    Thank you!

  2. It is hard to see, but if you look at the first pic and the very last pic it looks as though the thin inside part of the extractor, the part that points across the double radius’d gap is rounded inward so that when it touches the body of the shell, just above the lip of the shell, the extractor can grab more of the lip because of the “divot” you create in the extractor.

    You get more contact area with the shell after the mod.

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