Even more versatility for the world’s most popular shotgun, the new innovative and integrated accessory system lets you apply the “Magpul Method” to make the Remington 870 12-qauge into a state-of-the-art tactical shotgun, a shotgun exactly fitted to your mission’s requirements. Components are made from hard polymer that Magpul uses on their AR-15 stocks for suburb durability under harsh conditions.

The Magpul – Remington 870 MOE Scout Mount clamps to the side slots of the MOE Forend for installation of a Surefire® Scout Light® or other Picatinny- mountable light. The light is positioned above the Forend but low for easy access. This prevents altering the weapons’ handling characteristics. You can purchase models for right side at the 1 o’clock of left side at the 11 o’clock position.

• Reinforced, hard-molded polymer, Black
• Mounting hardware included

Lock tight material that comes on the screws may cause the setscrews to set up before they can be fully tightened. You can remove the material and use a similar product to ensure the setscrews do not loosen over time from recoil shock.

Before purchasing make sure this device can be used on your weapon.

It is designed to attach directly to MOE hand guards, to allow use of the Surefire® Scout Light® along with other lights designed for weapons and many 1913 Picatinny mounted lights. Possible problems with mounting may occur if your weapon does not meet certain specifications.

If you use too big flashlight your view can be obstructed. It is recommended that you use the lights recommended for the 870 MOE Scout Mount. Even though other mountable lights may work in reality, they may obstruct your view or otherwise change the weapons’ handling characteristics.

Keep in mind the mount is offset at the “1 o’clock” on the right side and “11 o’clock” on the left side.
Therefore, there should never be a sight obstruction problem unless you are using an oversized light or have otherwise adapted the device to fit a light not designed for it.

Remington 870 MOE Scout Mount fits tight, well designed and is rugged and overall enhances the looks of the weapon.

The importance of having a mountable light on your 870 Remington cannot be stressed enough. It is also very important that you do not “cobble” up and attempt to adapt devices not intended for use with your weapon. Depend on the Magpul Remington 870 MOE Scout Mount to be exactly what you have come to expect from Magpul.
This device is ideal for home/personal defense weapons and all tactical situations. Because of the unique design, you can leave the mount in place or remove to meet the current shooting situation. Safety is always first so consult with a reliable gunsmith if you feel you cannot install this device yourself even though it is designed for installation by the average user.

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