LaserLyte Center Mass Laser on Remington 870 Shotgun Review

LaserLyte Center Mass Laser pattern

This is very interesting upgrade I’ve had a lot of fun with. LaserLyte Center Mass projects a ring of eight green laser dots with one green laser dot in the center and many smaller dots. The circle grows at one-inch per yard and you can see approximate pattern of s shotgun shot with birdshot or buckshot.

LaserLyte Center Mass is very compact, lightweight and easy to use.

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Streamlight TLR-1, Forend (Racker) TLR-2 Flashlight/Laser on Remington 870 Review

Streamlight TLR-2 C4 LED Rail Mounted Weapon Flashlight with Laser Sight

This is review of a very good tactical upgrade for Remington 870 shotgun: Streamlight TLR-2 Flashlight/Laser combo. I have installed it using CDM Gear BMT clamp with picatinny rail. I think this is the best way to attach Streamlight TLR-2 or Streamlight TLR-1 to Remington 870.

I really like this flashlight/laser combo, it is lightweight and easily attaches to a rail. TLR-2 is low profile and doesn’t stick out much. Streamlight TLR-1 which doesn’t have laser is even smaller.

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