MatchSaverZ is a shell holder that holds one shell near the chamber to be able to load a shotgun quickly.

I really liked the idea but it has some drawbacks:
1. It is very difficult to use it during cold weather. You’ll have to pull it really hard when it’s cold.
2. It becomes useless after about 8 shots, here is an example:

MatchSaverZ Shell Holder

MatchSaverZ Shell Holder

Maybe this happens only on pump-action shotguns. Official MatchSaverZ website shows it on semi-auto Benelli M2 shotguns.

It takes just 15-30 minutes of dry fire drills to learn how to use MatchSaverZ fast.

Installation is simple. Instructions included.

The product looks very simple and my friends were joking that I bought a piece of piple for 25 bucks :)
It was installed on my Benelli SuperNova but I removed it after tests.

Official website: